11 Mistakes to Avoid while Implementing 3D

June 21, 2019
June 21, 2019 3dadmin

11 Mistakes to Avoid while Implementing 3D

In the quest to provide better customer experience, more and more eCommerce companies are inclining towards using 3D models for their business.

While implementing 3D, you may have questions or concerns and you wish to have checklist of mistakes which can be avoided upfront.
There are some common mistakes that we see many companies make such as:

1.While initiating with the creation of 3D asset, many a times we observe that there is not enough clarity for eCommerce players that which 3D application will work for their business and why.

2. Not enough knowledge on how to initiate 3D for their products. For example, many a times 3D source files are already available from manufacturers that can be of great use.

3. SKUs/Products do not have proper dimensions of all parts, which lead to lower quality of final 3D assets.

4. Do not know which products can bring more ROI. Creating 3D models for all the products at once may not be a wise approach. For example, consider only those products for 3D, which customer are more confident to buy online, for example furniture products.
5. Choosing a 3D partner that does not understand business is the most common mistake. Many people believe that a person who knows 3D, but does not have relevant experience in eCommerce can still be a good partner. You can have quick read here to learn more on this topic.
6. The companies do not have enough resources like Quality Assurance team that can judge the quality of 3D assets created by their 3D partners.
7. Do not have clear production pipeline, like after getting 3D models designed, they do not know how to showcase them on portal.
8. They do not know what their competitors are doing. Sometimes following other’s footprints are best thing as competitors are already making enhancements in their 3D ventures.
9. They do not care about end user experience, whereas this is what that actually matters the most. Therefore, applications implemented should be device responsive.
10. Estimations of costs includes various factors. You can read here to get a glance on reducing overall costs.
11. Not implementing Life imagery photographs through 3D where as its very easy to set up a workflow to save you photography costs.

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