Posted on December 4th, 2019

In the quest to provide better customer experience, a growing number of eCommerce companies are inclined towards using 3D models for their businesses. E-commerce companies while implementing 3D may have questions or concerns. And you as a 3D Solutions provider wish to have a checklist of mistakes which can be avoided upfront. You would also like to educate your customers accordingly.

There are some common mistakes that we consistently see:

  1. While initiating the creation of 3D assets, many times we observe that there is not enough clarity for eCommerce players that which 3D application is best suited to their business and why.
  2. Not enough knowledge on where to start from for 3D content creation. For example, many times 3D source files are already available from manufacturers that can be of great use but you never knew it exists.
  3. Undermine the value of providing all dimensions, multiple reference images from all angles, high-resolution textures, and 3D scans for products.
  4. Many do not know which products can bring more ROI. Creating 3D models for all the products at once may not be a wise approach. Without ROI, you won’t be able to get confidence.
  5. Choosing a 3D partner that does not understand business is the most common mistake. Many people believe that a person who knows 3D but does not have relevant experience in eCommerce can still be a good partner.
  6. The eCommerce companies do not have enough resources like a Quality Assurance team that can judge the quality of 3D assets.
  7. Do not have a content management system in place to save those 3D models.
  8. Do not know what competition is doing. Sometimes following other’s footprint is the best thing as competitors are already making enhancements in their 3D ventures.
  9. Do not care about the end-user experience, whereas this is what actually matters the most. Therefore, applications implemented should be devised after understanding the user experience.
  10. Consider 3D as an extra cost. Many still think virtual photography is more expensive than studio-shooting.
  11. The 3D development process is a unique process. eCommerce players do not have sufficient understanding of what goes behind the scenes