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17 tips on How to Choose an Ideal 3D Partner?

Tips to follow while choosing your partner.

17 Qualities of your ideal 3D Partner must have:

1. Must be aware of which 3D application require which type of models, for instance- Augmented Reality application requires low poly models, life imagery needs high poly models.

2. Must understand the end to end process of how 3D content is used, how to pick up original requirement and material until the content gets deployed.

3. Should have an experience of developing 3D models similar to your eCommerce business, e.g. if you deal with Furniture he should have a similar experience.

4. Able to scale up quickly in terms of model creation, like a good test can be that how fast they can ramp up to 500 models a month.

5. Must have a specialized 3D artist team for different work-flows, create low poly models, for example for AR, with a high level of detail which requires special skills.

6. Passionate about the quality of 3D content, as realism is a crucial factor in 3D modeling.

7. Check the specification sheet used to create 3D models which they have previously created to develop their models.

8. It’s nice if they have a library of models and textures so that the cost of modeling can be reduced.

9. Will be awesome if they have machine learning capability to create/repurpose 3D assets. 

10. 3D content pipeline needs a lot of automation, it will be good to check automation in 3D content creation pipeline.

11. Must pay attention to the rework rounds during the test project. Lower the number of rework rounds, better is the understanding of the team they have.

12. Evaluate their thought leadership behind their 3D strategy.

13. Ask for references and look into the work they are doing for their clients.

14. Sizes, Dimensions, Polygon Counts are important, make sure to check the variety of material they have created, examples glass, wood, leather, fabric etc.

15. Must be able to read informational documents like CAD drawings etc.

16. Should need your minimal involvement to collect models’ details, can pick up easily from your website.

17. Must be able to develop other 3D applications like 3D spin and White Renders, Product Shots.

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