360 Degree


Posted on February 10th, 2022

E-Commerce is changing. It has become a lot about online interaction and value-added experiences for the consumer. They don’t just look for a web page that keeps on switching between images. They want an all-immersive experience and a flexible 360-degree view. But why? Let’s find out:

  • Enhances Consumer Engagement

A 360-degree view of your product and probably any kind of offering is going to amplify the engagement of your customers. With present-day technology, you can easily excite your customers and give them a whole new experience with several choices of customization and product reconfiguration. If you embed a 3D 360 degree viewer in your website, it is also going to increase your on-page time and overall user engagement tremendously.

  • Reduce Marketing Time

What can be a better way to market and promote your product than a 3D model that lets your consumers have a look at it from every angle? It opens up a lot of opportunities for you. High-quality 3D renders can have various iterations from colors, textures, designs, and sizes to different lighting conditions as well. This means that your user can view how your product is going to look under daylight or probably inside a dimly lit room.

  • Better Product Presentation

A 50-word product description or a high-quality 3D model that can be rotated 360 degrees? Take your pick. Wouldn’t you go for the latter? Yes, and so would your user. A full 360-degree view of your product is a better way to describe your offering than a long and monotonous product description. The best part is that this technology benefits a lot of product categories such as automobiles, furniture, decorative items, apparel, and fashion accessories to name a few.

  • Deliver More Personalized Experiences

How can you deliver a more personalized experience to your potential customers? By allowing them to configure and reconfigure your product offering. It is as simple as that. A typical 360 product viewer comes with a lot of inbuilt features such as the option to change the color, texture, size, shape, and covering of the product if applicable. Combining this with the ability of the platform to let the consumer view the product in their personal environment, nothing gets more personalized than this.

  • Understand Consumer Responses And Behaviors

Another great benefit of employing a 360-degree viewer platform is that you get to know the responses and behaviors of your customers. You can collect and leverage important data that comes from the horse’s mouth itself when implementing your future marketing strategies to better serve your customers. You as a business will benefit a lot whenever you decide to use aggregated and invaluable customer insights to come up with a better end-user experience.

  • Improve Customer Satisfaction Levels

So, you have understood their responses and addressed their grievances at the same time. Where does that lead you now? It leads you to a better position. You can provide your customers with more satisfaction every time they return to your brand to make a purchase. They have already acquired a certain level of comfort with your website and now you have their loyalty as well.

In The End

A reliable 3D 360-degree viewer feature is not only beneficial for B2C companies but B2B enterprises as well. Your consumers may be scattered across industries and categories. But the one thing that is common among them all is the need to experience your product as it is. Will you oblige?