How Augmented Reality helps in eCommerce

Augmented reality has made its way into the e-Commerce realm and it is here to stay. People have gotten used to the idea of 3D Viewers and high-resolution product renders because they spend a lot of their time on the internet using them. Augmented reality lets you overcome a certain barrier that prevents you from selling a few product categories online successfully. Read more

AR/VR and retail – A Look at the Latest News, Stats and Trends.

According to a study by The Insight Partners, the augmented reality and virtual reality market is expected to grow from $3790.94 million in 2021 to $17864.86 million by 2028 at a CAGR of 24.8% during this forecast period. Despite the inception of the technology dating back to 1968 when a computer scientist pioneered it by developing the first AR headset, it is only recently that in the retail industry, AR/VR use cases have emerged. Read more

How Khronos’ gITF Viewer & 3D Content Creation Guidelines Are Promoting Widespread 3D Adoption

SuperDNA is an active member of the reputable Khronos consortium, which develops and defines royalty-free open standards for the production and distribution of high-end technological products. One of the primary areas of focus of the Khronos group is the 3D media and real-time 3D content ecosystem. The unwavering drive to take the 3D media domain to the pinnacle and make 3D content pervasive in the digital world is mutual in Khronos and SuperDNA, which is why we became the supporters of this preeminent association and contributing member of its 3D commerce working group.

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Common Challenges in the 3D Content Creation Journey & How SuperDNA Counters them

The 3D content creation workflow is fraught with challenges at every step. With the 3D commerce industry being relatively novel, 3D assets creation processes are far from being failsafe and seamless. However, the advantages of this revolutionary visual marketing strategy undermine its challenges to a great extent. Let’s look at some common challenges 3D content creators encounter in the assets production pipeline and how SuperDNA faces up to them.

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AR is a fascinating and disruptive technology that has already made an indelible mark in the cinematic and gaming world. However, with the meteoric rise in mobile adoption as well as the advent of Apple’s ARkit and Google’s ARcore, AR utilities are slowly permeating other industries and landscapes. One such industry which is recently experiencing a rapid boom in AR adoption is retail, especially online retail.

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Benefits of outsourcing your 3D commerce project to SuperDNA

Introduction 3D technology is revolutionizing the e-commerce industry for end consumers as well as businesses. The amount of customization and personalization that 3D content offers has positively transformed the shopping experience for customers. For e-commerce stores, it has meant cost-effective product representations, reduced sampling and marketing turnaround times, and enhanced customer satisfaction, among many other benefits.

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How 3D Technology is Driving Growth for eCommerce Industry

If you are associated with the eCommerce industry, you probably have already heard about the term “3D” numerous times. Everyone is defining it in their own ways and with enormous information on the web, it’s really hard for a non-techie seller to understand what it is actually. In this article, we will try to help you understand what is 3D technology for the eCommerce industry, in the simplest way is possible.

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How 3D Rendering is Empowering eCommerce Marketing

The rapid growth of digitization in the retail industry has already given rise to around 24 million online stores worldwide and in this ever-growing marketplace, one needs to showcase their products creatively to stand out of the crowd. This makes eCommerce marketing trickier and complex than ever. The success of your online store majorly depends upon the customer experience you create and one of the most effective ways to do that is to showcase appealing product images created through 3D rendering.

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Furniture Visualization in eCommerce – What Goes Behind the Scenes

Imagine spending hundreds of hours to create a high-quality furniture product consisting of great features and still struggling to get enough eyeballs and sell it online. If your products are not demonstrated rightly, they will never get the attention they deserve. Furniture visualization allows you to do justice to your creation – by creating photorealistic and accurate images for presentation and advertising. It brings unmatched flexibility to your product images with the ease of changing colours, designs, textures, location environment and even shapes etc.

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How CGI Saves Money on e-Commerce Marketing

Great photography is indispensable for successful marketing of your eCommerce products. Although traditional photography has been in practice for a long time, product visualization is gaining more popularity these days due to its flexibility and cost. Even home furnishing giant IKEA made a switch from traditional photography to advanced 3D solutions and this is evident from their online store and product catalogues.

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How Super DNA Delivers Value for Money

At SuperDNA 3D Lab, we have always been committed to providing 3D assets of highest quality standards with the primary objective to fulfil customer requirements and their business interests. Our 3D specialists are capable of monitoring each stage of the process so that we can deliver great models as per the industry standards.

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CGI is becoming ubiquitous around eCommerce businesses these days, for its countless advantages – such as flexibility, reduced cost, quality outcome and shorter turnaround time, etc. It is widely used to create 3D visualization and product images from the scratch and use those images in online stores. Although CGI brings you numerous opportunities, one must know how to harness this technology to derive the desired outcome.

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SuperDNA Modelling Process – How we are Able to Deliver the Optimum Solutions

Emerging technologies are empowering and enabling the eCommerce industry to widen its horizons and thrive recklessly. We, at SuperDNA aim to revolutionize the e-commerce market through visual interaction and create in-store experiences for the online buyers, leveraging digital avenues. To achieve that we have set up standard processes and methods which enable us to deliver the optimum solution to our customers. Here’s what goes behind our modelling process:

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11 Mistakes to Avoid while Implementing 3D

In the quest to provide better customer experience, a growing number of eCommerce companies are inclined towards using 3D models for their businesses. E-commerce companies while implementing 3D may have questions or concerns. And you as a 3D Solutions provider wish to have a checklist of mistakes which can be avoided upfront. You would also like to educate your customers accordingly. Read more

How Technology is Shaping up The E-Commerce Industry

logo_27dca43b4d56aaa5dcac0919f5cbc4ba_1xIn the recent times, technology has become a cornerstone of growth for almost every industry and e-Commerce is no exception. New developments in technology are impacting the e-Commerce world by revolutionizing the process, by which consumers can seamlessly connect with brands and shop online without any hassle. As e-Commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace, one needs to embrace the latest trends of shopping to boost sales and stay competitive.

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