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Give a new direction to your life and profession with SuperDNA 3D Lab. We are looking for not just artists but creators and innovators. It is time to become a part of our family and contribute to the world of 3D creations and advanced immersive technology.

SuperDNA 3D Lab

A company founded on the principles of creativity, innovation, and freshness, and committed to embracing technology without fail is looking for artistic minds, creative souls, and passionate thinkers.

This is SuperDNA 3D Lab. Our name is synonymous with state-of-the-art 3D creation technology and high-quality 3D for various brands across industries such as furniture, fashion apparel, makeup, interior design, architecture, and many more. The point is not only to create a 3D representation of the product. It goes beyond just a simple render. We aim to achieve customer delight with our various technologies such as 360-degree product viewers, fast and responsive product configurators, augmented reality apps, virtual reality try-out experiences, and immersive technology.

We don’t just create universal and highly compatible 3D assets but a resource that allows our clients to stay relevant for years to come. As our customers become more demanding, we evolve and make sure that our 3D products become more interactive and remain very well within their budget. We are looking for highly skilled and passionate candidates to propel our brand further in the discipline of next-gen virtual digitization.

You should be capable of coming up with 3D representations that allow our clients to customize and enrich the experience of their customers.

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