3D Asset Conversion & Compliance – What The Mighty Exporter Tool Is Capable Of

Posted on July 3rd, 2023

Let’s say that you have created a strong collection of 3D assets for your company. Regardless of whether you work in the fashion industry, the furniture sector, or jewelry retail, doing this is going to prove to be highly useful. Your customers are looking for product descriptions and representations that are photorealistic and give them a crystal clear picture of what the actual product is going to look like.

SuperDNA 3D Lab helps solve that little yet critical problem for you. The one thing that remains now is to disseminate those 3D assets among the leading online platforms where you want to sell your product. But wait a minute! There seems to be something in your way. Every platform has a specific set of requirements when it comes to the file format, the size of the 3D model, the number of polygons, quality and texture standards, and many other characteristics directly attached to the three-dimensional model. Herein lies the biggest challenge.

It is not possible for a 3D visual artist to edit and modify each one of your 3D models so that they can fit those requirements. It will entail the following:

  • Constant Rework On Polygons

The 3D creator will have to work on the number and size of polygons that are accepted by the target platform where you want to display your 3D assets. This is a process that is almost equivalent in terms of time and resource consumption to creating a model from scratch. This is only going to delay your marketing function and your monthly sales targets.

  • Designing Of The Texture

Every platform or online marketplace is going to have a different set of rules regarding the texture of the 3D model. Some may not be able to display highly detailed textures that have a lot of embossed or engraved surfaces and layers. What do you do? You ask the designer to open the digital painting of the texture and work on those patterns and designs with a pen tool or a brush. Where does this lead you? You end up spending more time and resources redesigning the texture.

  • Annual Conversion Between Formats

Again, exporting all your 3D files in a particular file format is going to take a lot of effort and time on the part of the 3D artist. This is only going to delay the distribution of your 3D assets across platforms.

  • Inability To Preserve The Quality

In this entire process, the 3D model creators are going to get frustrated. They will have to compromise on the quality of the 3D model just to meet certain standards of the platform in question. In this haste, some of your models might even get rejected. That is not going to look good on your reputation.

Seems We’re In Deep Waters. Or Are We?

Have You Ever Heard About The Exporter Tool By SuperDNA 3D Lab?

If you haven’t, it is time to explore what it has to offer. The Exporter Tool By SuperDNA 3D Lab is one revolutionary implementation that can convert all your 3D assets to the most desired file formats and configurations with just a few clicks. It is available only with SuperDNA 3D Lab, and its clients can only reap the benefits of the latest 3D tech. Let’s find out what it can do for you.

  • Acceptable 3D Models

It can make your 3D models acceptable on any platform in the world. Whether it is Amazon or any other leading online marketplace, SuperDNA 3D Lab can ensure that every 3D model of your offerings is compliant with their rules and requirements.

  • Maintain The Highest Level Of Quality

The consistency in model quality is going to be incomparable. No manual effort or automated software can deliver the same quality in the final file output while maintaining a conservative size for the asset as SuperDNA can using its in-house Exporter Tool.

  • What About The Texture?

Once SuperDNA 3D Lab creates a lifelike texture for your models, there is no compromise on their realism. Whether it is a sofa, a sports bike, or a custom mirror, the integrity of the texture, the shine, and the reflective and refractive index are maintained by the exporter tool by SuperDNA.

  • No More Manual Conversion

If you have 100 assets, do you really expect your 3D modeling partner to open each file and export it into a different file format? No way! SuperDNA just has to open the Exporter Tool, select the file(s), and then choose a destination folder and the desired format (preset). The rest is done by the software. This ensures that you are in compliance with regard to the file format preferred and demanded by the platform, including all other critical specifications.

To Sum It Up For You

The Exporter Tool by SuperDNA 3D Lab reduces the workload of 3D artists significantly. It helps us maintain the quality of 3D assets while switching between any format recommended by any platform on the internet. Want to find out more about the Exporter Tool By SuperDNA 3D Lab? Why don’t you visit us and discover what it’s all about?