3D Experience For Eyewear Shoppers – AR Makes It Worthwhile For Customers & Retailers Alike

Posted on May 16th, 2023

It’s fun and entertaining. All the while, it’s also lightning-fast and so much of a convenience to everyone using it. We are talking about websites, online marketplaces, and eyewear brands that have invested in the 3D-AR technology of today. That’s right. When we talk about AR-powered applications, the fashion apparel industry including numerous sunglasses brands has taken the lead. Customers can now easily find 3D representations of their favorite products on their websites. The same can be tried on without having to visit their store. AR applications have made this possible.

As a customer, all one needs is a functional internet connection, a smartphone or a personal computer, and a functional webcam in the case of a PC.

  • Access the website and select the eyewear category
  • Regardless of the type of eyewear, almost all of them are available for complete customization
  • Pick preferred colors, frame thickness, rim designs, and materials
  • Select the try-on button
  • The website asks for permission to access the system camera
  • The web application projects the customized glasses onto the face

One can look up and down, left and right, and even twist and turn his/her head in circles to see whether the frame or the eyewear itself suits their face and personality or not.

Clearly, this technological step forward is a big advantage for eyewear manufacturers and retailers. By leveraging the multiple benefits of augmented reality and 3D product visualization, they can increase user engagement, drive sales off the roof, enhance brand awareness, and ensure a highly unique experience for their consumers. Let’s talk about them one by one in the following section:

  • Driving User Engagement

Your users are looking for instant gratification. With 3D representations of your products that look amazingly photo-realistic combined with augmented reality, you can keep them engaged for a longer time. Also, convincing them to purchase with you becomes a breeze.

  • Ensuring Excellent User Experience

When a visitor to your website gets to try on your sunglasses or any other fashion product or accessory without having to visit your store, it gives them a sense of confidence and satisfaction. They become a lot more willing to purchase with you and try on more products from your portfolio. This also encourages them to share their experiences across social media platforms spreading the word further.

  • Achieving All Your Sales Numbers

Engaging your consumers or prospects is only the first step. According to statistics, investing in an AR-powered online shop that allows for instant try-on drives decisions faster. Once you have stimulated positive emotions among your consumers about your brand, you have already won the biggest challenge. Augmented reality try-ons don’t just get you faster and more sales but also reduce your returns and exchanges by almost 30%.

  • Standing Out From The Competition

It becomes very easy for you to stand out from the competition after having invested in the most relevant and modern technology. We are talking about 3D-powered AR try-ons for your eyewear. A brand that is able to catch the attention of its consumers and additionally acts as a problem-solving platform as well is always going to stand out.

  • Boosting Brand Awareness And Knowledge

You will be known as a brand that allows for excellent user experience and virtual try-on on the go. You will be crowned as a technological innovator in your industry. Now that is going to do wonders for your brand image.

It is quite clear from the discussion above that virtual 3D try-on features are one of the biggest preferences of your customers today. According to several studies, these experiences evoke positive emotions about your brand among your customers. They draw your visitors closer to your offerings. Your customer acquisition cost goes down and your profit margins go up. Wouldn’t you want that?