3D For Customer Experience – 6 Ways It Can Ensure Higher E-Commerce Sales

Posted on October 28th, 2022

According to an independent survey, in the next 5 years, customer experience will have gained the top most importance among players in practically every industry. It is not only limited to the e-Commerce realm, because gradually everything is getting digitized. Your neighborhood brick-and-mortar furniture store that you are so fond of is already making waves on the internet with its new website. According to an independent study done by American Express, almost 86% of your existing buyers are willing to pay much more for a better customer experience.

By focusing on customer experience, companies that are already earning $1 billion annually can add another $700 million to their turnover quite easily. And this is only with 3 years of investment in customer experience. That is just 36 months!

But The Question Here Is, What Is Customer Experience After All?

 Customer experience is also known as CX. It is defined by marketing gurus as a way to interact with your customers and educate them about the various offerings that you have in the most enjoyable and fun manner. It is to make them see and experience your brand the way they have never had a chance before. You can use several methods of doing that. The primary goal is to enhance the overall customer journey right from the point where they contact your business to become your loyal and returning customer.

Customer experience is a vital and inseparable part of customer relationship management. This is why you need to invest in positive customer experience by any means possible. The most popular way to enhance the journey of your consumer today is by providing them with entertaining and engaging content whether it is through interactive audiovisuals or fun 3D content that can simulate lifelike experiences.

According to a customer experience study conducted by Oracle, close to 74% of senior executives all over the world believe that customer experience impacts the willingness of your consumers to become more loyal to your brand and product. Wouldn’t you want to find out just how you can benefit from this?

3D Representation Of Your Products – 6 Ways It Enhances Your Customer Experience And The E-Commerce Journey Of Your Prospects

  1. Ensure Customer Delight

 The first step is achieving customer satisfaction and the next is achieving customer delight. You can increase your consumer retention rate by more than 5% every month by embarking upon a prolific 3D journey. Because three-dimensional imagery and videos are so affordable these days, every e-Commerce business is now able to invest in 3D content to engage their customers longer. Gone are the days of two-dimensional low-resolution product photography. Now the new generation of your consumers calls for more satisfying and elaborate 3D product representation.

  1. Surprise Your Consumers

 The most surprising and fun element about 3D is that it can be edited and customized as per the requirements of the consumer. Your shoppers are going to be enamored by just how many choices a simple 3D asset depicting your offering can provide them with online.

  1. Spread The Word On Social Media

 You can use the same 3D assets on various platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, and also your very own AR mobile application. These are not only easy to download but fun to use as well. Also, they familiarise your customers with your products fast and more easily. 3D means omnichannel experience!

  1. Create A More Compelling Content Strategy

 When you invest in high-quality 3D digitization of your product portfolio, you are incorporating interactive and informative content into your already existing content strategy. Because these assets are so highly detailed and persuasive, they make it easier for you to convince your customers to make a purchase with you within practically no time.

  1. Highly Affordable In The Long Hall

Because these 3D assets can be modified as you diversify into other product lines, they prove to be a more practical and sound investment. You do not have to invest in new 3D assets from scratch or create new models just to depict your new product launches and diversifications. Your present 3D models can be modified and rendered to depict your new offerings.

  1. Highly Personalized Customer Experience

 Not just this, do you know that more than 49% of your buyers will be willing to purchase with you if they receive a highly personalized customer experience? The only way to ensure that is to invest in the right 3D assets in addition to the most user-friendly and lightweight product configurators. These can be embedded in your website and allow your customers to view your products from every possible angle. They can change the color, texture, material, and also various components of the products that they view. They can then save their choice and purchase the exact customization that they have created in your configurator.


Remember, 1 out of every 3 potential customers of your business/ eCommerce platform is going to love this personalized experience. They will even be willing to pay up to 13% higher prices for your goods on your business website. This percentage can go as high as 18% for luxury goods and indulgence services.

So what are you waiting for? It is time to invest in the most appropriate and enriching customer experiences for your prospects.