4 key ingredients for success in e-commerce and how 3d technology delivers them

Posted on May 2nd, 2021

E-commerce is a complex and dynamic industry that demands shrewd strategic planning along with receptiveness to innovation and technology. Running an online store is not as simple as creating a website and displaying products.

A lot of strategies go behind the back end to achieve success as an e-commerce business. Certain vital factors enable an e-commerce store to reach the breakthrough point and succeed in the magnanimous online marketplace. To incorporate these factors in regular business practices, companies employ various resources, including technological utilities and innovative strategies. One such groundbreaking technology and prudent strategy is 3D modeling and 3D commerce.

Let’s look at the four critical factors for success in e-commerce and how 3D technology delivers them for businesses.

1.Personalized user experiences 

Users today expect highly tailored experiences and want their unique preferences to be taken into account by online businesses. Online shops offering personalized experiences enjoy an almost 75% increase in conversion rates. 3D product models embedded in a 3D configurator tool or as 360-degree rotating images can allow unmatched personalization wherein customers can configure and view products as per their choice.

2.High-quality product representations

Product representations, especially in online stores, are the most prominent aspect customers factor in before making a buying decision. Highly interactive 3D product models can offer life-like visualization experiences to customers and promote positive buying decisions.

3.Mobile friendly commerce

According to Statista, there are 6,378 billion smartphone users globally as of June 2021. Mobile phones have become the number one sales channel for most e-commerce companies. Optimizing e-commerce websites and apps for better mobile usability can prove to be remarkably advantageous. 3D commerce, mainly when used for AR applications, is predominantly a mobile-friendly technology and can offer high-end virtual shopping experiences on mobile devices.


Customers want the best quality products for the most affordable rates. To cater to this expectation, e-commerce companies should reduce production costs and other expenses incurred at various points in the supply chain. By leveraging 3D modeling technology instead of product photography, online businesses can save almost 75% of costs which can eventually enable them to offer more economical products.


3D technology can come in handy for e-commerce companies looking to operate around these four key ingredients of success. If you are an online business endeavoring to execute these factors and more for surefire success, consult SuperDNA and avail of advanced 3D content creation services.