4 Ways 3D Shoe Models

Get You The Best ROI

Posted on January 21st, 2023

When we think about 3D product rendering, numerous things pop into our minds. 3D shoe models that are not only realistic but aesthetic-looking as well are the first thing you think about. In addition to that, there are 360-degree product spins, virtual reality demonstrations, 3D room customization, Lifestyle images, 3D-AR tools using a smartphone, and many more things that 3D product rendering enables you to venture into. Let’s just assume that you have invested in the best software or are associated with the most reliable 3D product modeling agency in the US. How are you going to make the most of this partnership? How will you ensure that you get the best ROI on customizable 3D shoes, fashion apparel, and more? Let’s discuss:

  1. 5 Times Organic Engagement At A Fraction of The Cost

According to recent studies, you can increase your organic customer engagement by 5 times if you invest in affordable 3D modeling for footwear. When you look at customer behavior statistics, the overall bounce rate of your page decreases significantly. By including 3D and AR assets on your website, you can increase the overall engagement factor of your website by multiples. Research has shown that 3D-enabled eCommerce websites have an average session length of a little more than 5 minutes1 which is phenomenal compared to the one-minute session length of a regular website.

  1. Twice Your Current Conversion Rate

According to Shopify, 3D and augmented reality features can double your conversions quite easily and without a very long gestation period. The biggest driver of this change is 3D product visuals. 3D modeling coupled with virtual photography can convince your customers faster to make a purchase with you. Visual representations of your product catalog encourage them to buy the product on their first visit. It is time to invest in a fully interactive 3D/AR experience for your website today.

  1. More Than 40% Of Your Customers Willing To Pay More

According to an independent study, more than 40% of your customers2 will not hesitate to pay more for any AR features or 3D elements that you incorporate into your website. 3D configurators are one example of such features. These applications/platforms also boost your average order value tremendously by presenting the minutest features of your products in the most flattering light. The investment is one-time and done for the long haul. The benefits can be reaped throughout the existence of your brand.

  1. 50% Reduction In Returns With Scalable 3D Assets

Another study has revealed that 3D shoe models can help you reduce your returns by 40 to 50% annually. They can be scaled, modified, edited, and made to look different and more realistic, mapping accurately to each product in the offing thereby, reducing incidents of returns and exchanges drastically. If you look at your current return rate, it accounts for at least 10% of your supply chain costs. Also, nearly 20%3 of all eCommerce purchases are returned for some reason or the other. Highly customized 3D renders for your shoes, furniture pieces, and fashion apparel can change that dramatically.

Final Thoughts

In the end, let’s just conclude with the simple yet incredible fact that for every dollar that you spend on traditional product photography, you will only spend one penny in getting a 3D product render for your offerings. The return on this investment is fabulous and highly lucrative. What are your thoughts about using 3D modeling for your footwear company?