5 Ways 3D Assets

Are Helping Ecommerce Players

Posted on November 30th, 2022

It is only through the use of 3D models and renders that footwear manufacturers and retailers of today have discovered a whole new world of marketing and promotion solutions. State-of-the-art 3D models and renders give your consumers the right amount of motivation to purchase from you. Your brand comes across as a highly evolved and innovative entity that understands the need of its customers to have better visualization of the product before they buy it from you. This eventually leads to better traction with your audience and more sales. Let’s start talking:

  1. Goodbye To Endless Photoshoots

You can say goodbye to the burden of product photoshoots. No more transporting your products to the photo studio. No more selecting filters, screens, and lighting equipment. You do not have to wait for the final prints to come in. The huge cost associated with product photography also gets eliminated thereby indirectly increasing your revenue. All you have to do is send the reference images of the products and get the photorealistic 3D Models from SuperDNA3D Lab.

  1. Immersive Experience

3D models can ensure a highly interactive and immersive experience because you can use them in multiple 3D app configurators, AR apps, social media channels, 3D animation videos, explainer tutorials, and a lot of other platforms. The fact is 3D models display and preserve even the smallest detail of the original product, they engage your customers for longer giving them complete clarity on its features and construction, ultimately enhancing your sales.

  1. The Option To Animate

Your customers even have the option to animate the footwear they are interested in. With the help of a few plugins, you can give your prospects the option to make the product move in any direction. As an alternative, you can also create an animation video of your product and upload the same on your official website or on any social media or e-commerce website. This encourages your customer interaction, which leads to faster sales.

  1. Gives You A Competitive Advantage

It is quite apparent that by investing in the latest 3D tech, you will come across as a revolutionary of sorts to your prospects. Using interactive 3D elements and marketing content puts you in the limelight and differentiates you as a considerate and innovative brand in the market. It also drives you to be more dynamic to the changing industry trends and sensitive to the needs of your customers.

  1. Build Once, Use Forever

This brings us to a very interesting point where you can create 3D assets once and use them forever. If you aim to innovate or diversify into a different product line, you can make use of the same 3D models. Just extend a few segments, edit a few polygons, and you have a 3D replica of the new product you want to launch. That’s right. Once you have created these models, you can modify them whenever you choose to change a certain feature in your product or launch a new style within the same product range. Time to target your prospects with a new product!


3D technology is for you. If you are a footwear manufacturer/retailer, this can benefit you and your brand tremendously. The time and age we are in are of instant gratification. The only way to make that possible for your customers is to invest in the right 3D modeling services. Connect with SuperDNA 3D Lab to discover a whole new world of 3D assets today.