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5 Ways Brands Use CGI To Go Global

Posted on August 17th, 2023

Marketing has evolved over the years for many leading brands all across the globe. Names such as Nike and IKEA are propelling it even further, making it almost a necessity for every brand that wants to emulate their success.

If you want to invest in product CGI or 3D modeling and rendering for your E-Commerce business, this is a fantastic opportunity for you. This industry is in a booming phase, and it is set to become much bigger than you can imagine. High-quality 3D CGI rendering services can help you up your marketing game in the following ways:

1. Create Life-Like 3D Renders Before Manufacturing begins

The 3D software of today is capable of creating photorealistic images and renders of your furniture pieces, fashion apparel, jewelry, and accessories before production begins. Invite pre-orders before you even put up a “for sale” ad online.

 2. A Wide Variety Of Backgrounds For Your CGI

Let’s just say that you have created a stock of 3D product CGI. You can combine them with high-quality backgrounds and themes. It makes your CGI even more interesting and attractive to your website visitors.

 3. High-quality and entertaining website ads

Do you know that these detailed 3D product models and CGI can be used in your online advertisements as well? You can create a fun banner or a pop-up ad using these same high-quality images and easily attract your visitors.

4. Freedom To Use Different Concepts

The most interesting part is that these 3D product CGIs can be edited and modified depending on your mood and that of your customers. You can either go with a bright and colorful setting or perhaps something a little mild and subdued.

5. Animation Goes A Long Way

When you opt for 3D animation, it amplifies your brand’s value tremendously. You can create interactive content that allows consumers an inside-out view of your product. They get to know about the various features of your offerings through that fun and informative animation.

You have so many reasons to choose 3D CGI product rendering for your brand. It sets you apart from the competition. You gain a significant edge over your competitors in practically no time. Want to find out more? Connect with SuperDNA 3D Lab today.