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5 Ways CGI Is Replacing Product Photography

Posted on August 16th, 2023

When we talk about CGI being scalable and cost-effective, we often compare it with traditional product photography, and it makes perfect sense. The only rival to traditional photography is CGI rendering services, which are effectively replacing the former. But you should be happy. 3D modeling and CGI product rendering are gaining popularity because they are not only affordable but super fast, and there is practically no possibility of error at all. Let’s understand how CGI product rendering is making waves and has become the first preference of brands all over the world.

1. Saves Precious Time

3D models and CGI are very fast to produce. All you are going to need are a few scans of your product and its measurements. The software is going to do the rest. The result is photo-realistic imagery that can be deployed across various platforms in practically no time.

 2. Highly Affordable

Again, the direct comparison that we draw here is with traditional product photography, which comprises setting up the studio, arranging for the lighting, transporting the product, and renting the camera equipment. All of this results in a highly increased cost of marketing. With CGI, this cost is eliminated.

3. No Error Here

Because CGI product rendering begins by assessing the product and its various dimensions and features, the 3D model or CGI generated is lifelike. It is practically impossible for anyone to differentiate it from the actual thing.

4. Customized Visualization

This is not possible with product photography. It gives a lot of flexibility to the entire CGI approach. You can make as many changes and iterations with computer-generated imagery as you want. You can play with color, finish, material, texture, lighting, background, and a lot more.

5. Easy Access To Assets

You always have access to these digital models and computer-generated imagery. You can redeploy them whenever you want, across any platform you choose.

It is quite clear from the tiny discussion above that CGI is not only scalable but fun to produce as well. It is highly customizable and gets you the much-needed traction that your brand deserves. Want to find out more about it? Connect with SuperDNA 3D Lab today.