5 Ways to reduce returns & Increase conversions with 3d in 2022

Posted on July 20th, 2022

Your customers want 3D tech now more than ever to improve their retail experience. Clothing and shoes are the items that get returned and replaced most frequently. In fact, according to a study conducted by Barclaycard, they make up for nearly 56% of all returns.This puts various retailers at risk because 57% of them admit that returns have a negative impact on their operations.

Close to 20% of them report that the only way to cover this cost is to increase the prices. But an investment in today’s 3D technology can help both manufacturers and retailers a lot. It doesn’t just reduce their returns and replacements but also enhances the overall shopping experience of the user.

3D To The Rescue – How Furniture, Fashion, & Makeup Businesses Can Increase Customer Engagement And Improve Their Overall Sales Numbers

  1. Every Angle And A Closer View
    3D models or representations of your products give your customers a wider view of your offerings. Your customers can zoom in and zoom out with ease. They can rotate, scale, and open them up for a better view of the product from every angle.
  2. How About A View From The Inside?
    It happens a lot. Many times, shoppers want to view the product from the inside, especially in the cases of handbags, furniture pieces, cabinets, wallets, and fashion apparel. They want to know whether the product is going to fit well on their body or not. They want to know how the insides of the product are going to look when they open its panels or compartments.
  3. Oh, There Are Options For Personalization Too
    Yes, by investing in 3D product configurators, you can give your customers a detailed idea of how different colors, textures, materials, compartments, and components will look on your products. They have the freedom to tweak your offerings as per their preferences and liking which results in a faster purchase every time.
  4. Clarity Over Product Size Is A Must
    Amazon has facilitated a wonderful feature on their app which is the AR try-on for their shoes. This gives the user a better idea of the size of the product and what it is going to look like in real life. Furniture manufacturers can benefit from this feature as well. They can help them reimagine their interiors with their furniture pieces and view them through their smartphone cameras.
  5. Immersive Experiences For More Numbers
    Overall the AR and VR applications that are being used widely by several e-commerce retailers today encourage more than 61% of shoppers to make a faster purchase with the brand. The user does not have to visit the showroom. They just have to use these applications with their smartphone camera to project products into their real environment. This gives them a satisfying and immersive experience. They can customize. They can manipulate. They can play with the product and when they are finally satisfied, they can make the purchase.

Final Thoughts
All these factors reduce incidents of returns and replacement by a large measure. Nearly 42% of your shoppers would pay more if they get to try the product through 3D and AR. Your shopper would pay 20% more if he gets a more personalized product which a 3D configurator can ensure. 3D, AR, VR, and immersive tech get you a lot closer to your monthly sales targets easily. How far along are you?

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