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6 Advantages Of 3D Content For Furniture Manufacturers & Online Retailers

Your customer wants aesthetics and details. He wants to know what your tabletop and couch are going to look like in his kitchen and movie room respectively.So, what are you waiting for? Let’s give him what he wants. The leading furniture manufacturers and online retail marketplaces today are benefiting hugely from 3D technology and simulations. Let’s find out how:

  • Engage Your Customers Better And For Longer

Your user is always going to be more interested in high-quality 3D renders of your sofa set instead of a long blog written about its various features. Close to 82% of your buyers want to view your furniture pieces from every possible angle. More than 89% of your buyers believe that the experience a company provides is as important as its products. This is why investing in a 360-degree viewer, high-quality 3D models, and virtual setups should matter to you.

  • Provide Immersive Experience

Talking about Immersive Experience, it is a great decision to let your customers project your 3D models into their own environment. This is true especially for furniture brands and online retailers of apparel because the context matters a lot to your potential buyers. They want to see with their own eyes what your products are going to look like in their rooms and passageways. By enabling them to view your product in a particular context that is more familiar to them, you can impact their perception of your product positively which ultimately leads to higher sales.

  • Easy Product Customization

The biggest benefit of using 3D content for your furniture business and online retail store is that your user gets to personalize those models according to their preferences. For example using the in-built configurators they can select their preferred fabric, color etc.  This lets you showcase a vast product portfolio with practically no additional investment. This empowers your brand and facilitates scalable mass customization of all your home furnishings and fixtures easily.

  • Leverage 3D Animation

How can we forget the importance of 3D animation? Even a fresh CG developer will be able to tell you just how easy it is to animate any product and make them do absolutely anything you want. You can even give your different furniture pieces a unique character name and make them shake a leg or two to impress your visitors. For example, you can make your recliner walk up to the screen and say hello to your visitors before it settles down into its spot in the middle of a simulated room setup. How cool is that going to look on your website!

  • Adjustable And Reusable 3D Models

These 3D models and simulations can be reused and re-adjusted as per your liking. This means that you can create a core model for your basic product categories and then tweak some of their features to be displayed under other categories without having to invest in a brand new model from scratch. For example, you can simply extend the back of a chair without adding any segments or polygons at all to make it look like a chaise lounge. Similarly, pulling forward the corners of the same back towards the front can convert your simple sofa into a wing chair in a matter of seconds. Isn’t that a clever investment?

  • Deploy 3D Models On Any E-Commerce Platform

You can save these 3D models in any universal file format. This means that they are not going to require any additional optimization regardless of what eCommerce platforms you use. You can deploy these 3D models at any E-Commerce platform that you want to use to attract your customers and make a sale.

Final Thoughts

Providing Immersive Experience has become extremely important for various industries at the moment. This is primarily due to a major shift in the demands and preferences of customers. They have little time but high expectations. The only way to satisfy their wants is to hop onto the 3D bandwagon with Super DNA Lab.

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