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The Role Of CGI In The Home & Furnishings Sector

Posted on August 1st, 2023

Computer-generated imagery, also called CGI, has evolved tremendously over the past few years. The furniture and interior design sectors have embraced CGI for numerous reasons. The first and most obvious is their ability to do away with time-consuming product photography.

Computer-generated imagery has completely transformed the real estate, furniture, and interior design sectors as we know them. Let’s have a look at the definitive role of CGI in these industries and its impact in the following section:

  • Photorealistic Imagery

This is an undeniable advantage of using CGI product rendering. These 3D models of the actual products are photorealistic. It is almost impossible for the human eye to identify a 3D model from an actual product photograph.

  • Multiple Iterations

The same 3D model can be rendered with various textures, finishes, color combinations, and features. So if a furniture or interior design brand has numerous variations of the same sofa or dining table, one does not need to invest in multiple product photography sessions. A single model can be edited and modified as required.

  • Quick Design Changes

The home and furnishing sectors have also benefited largely from the easy design changes that can be made within the software platform. Even the core design of the product can be modified with just a few clicks and as per the demands of the consumers.

  • Sell Across Platforms

A product’s CGI, whether in 3D form or high-definition 2D imagery, can be deployed across platforms such as online marketplaces, social media, AR filters, and more.

  • Better Representation

3D software allows you to represent your products in a far better light. These models are highly detailed and give a better view of the product from every angle.

  • AR And VR Capabilities

CGI product rendering also makes room for augmented reality and virtual reality applications. These models can be used in simulations, architectural walkthroughs, projectable filters, and a lot more.

Other than this, 3D and CGI rendering services from SuperDNA 3D Lab are quite affordable and super-fast, making it possible for even the tiniest of brands to take advantage of them. You don’t just get high-quality 3D models, but photorealistic CGI lifestyle images as well.