7 Easy Breezy Marketing Tips To Attract

Clients Right Now

Posted on December 5th, 2022

The process of marketing is not limited to just promoting your products and services. It is a way to engage with your audience and attract them to your brand so that they can become loyal to your offerings. It is a way to keep them updated about what they can buy and how each one of their shopping excursions on the internet can enrich their lives. What you need at the moment is a mix of contemporary, modern, age-old, and innovative marketing strategies for your products and services. If we talk specifically in the context of online marketplaces or e-Commerce platforms, there is a lot that can be done to attract your customers. Let’s begin:

  1. Don’t Forget To Leverage Social Media

Social media consists of several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and many more that allow you to connect with your customers seamlessly with the use of photos, videos, animation, presentations, tutorials, explanation videos, and even funny memes. It is a great way to give them an opportunity to learn more about your product and services. Engaging with your customers through social media encourages them to come back to you. It makes your brand more appealing, accessible, and reliable.

  1. Maximize Your SEO Potential

Search Engine Optimization is a very effective way of getting connected with your consumers. Organic searches are still one of the most widely used ways to find products on the internet. It is also a very powerful way to influence your consumers and drive sales off the roof. SEO is not only about stuffing keywords into blogs but making them relevant when you use them to create informative, engaging, and interesting content.

  1. Invest In 360 3D Product Viewer

Why should you invest in a 3D product viewer? This is because these platforms are not only entertaining but interactive as well. You can get customized 3D visualizations of your products created by a third-party vendor. These 3D visualizations are the exact replica of your products. When you display them in a Viewer, your customers have the option to erotate and view the product from every angle. They can also switch between textures, colors, materials, components, features, and various other aspects to create a custom version of your product. This is not just highly engaging but satisfying for the user as well. 

  1. Create An Email Marketing List

Create an email marketing list to target all your demographic segments. You can offer various types of incentives to your consumers and prospects and engage them through your informative and fun newsletters. It is a great idea to send out vouchers, discount coupons, and cashback notifications to attract first-time buyers. Creating a mailing list is very easy. You can either segment your prospects based on their age, income group, or purchase patterns.

  1. Augmented Reality – An Innovation You Can Rely On

Snapchat is a fantastic example of an augmented reality application. It presents a unique opportunity for e-Commerce platforms because it allows easy visualization of their products and fast superimposition of the same onto the real environment of the prospect. The biggest advantage of using both 2D and 3D AR elements is that you can convey more clarity about your product to your consumers. They are able to understand the characteristics of the product and can visualize them in their own space just using their smartphone camera. All you have to do is invest in a 3D representation of your product and integrate them on your website. It ensures easy visualization, improved brand awareness and a unique and immersive experience.

  1. Think About Creating An Affiliate Program

You can also think about entering into an affiliate marketing program as well. It is similar to partnering with social media influencers. An affiliate is just someone who will receive an incentive from your side for every sale that his or her referral to your business generates. Your marketing affiliate is going to talk about your business and spread their word of mouth across your target market.

  1. Invest In 3D Animated Videos

Another very interesting and unique way to present your products to your customers is to use 3D animated characters and audio-visual representations. It helps in better customer experience and cuts down your lead conversion time to almost half.


So this was a very wise attempt at introducing you to some of the most fun, innovative, and tried-and-tested marketing methodologies. Some of them are already known to you while others are brand new. Try them and watch your profits skyrocket in practically no time.