7 ways 3d innovations

are revolutionizing e-commerce business

Posted on June 12th, 2022

The biggest limitation of e-commerce platforms was that they weren’t able to give consumers the ability to study a particular product from every possible angle. They had to make a purchase without understanding what a product looked like up close and also how it would fit on their body or look in their living room or kitchen. The 3D innovation that is going on at the moment can conveniently and convincingly replicate the in-store experience that a customer expects from a physical outlet. This is the biggest way 3D is revolutionizing e-commerce businesses across the globe. The user can zoom in, zoom out, rotate the object, and even get inside it to have a better look at its construction.

But let’s not go with just claims and observations. According to an independent study, close to 82% of visitors activate the 3D view on any website that allows for this feature. Almost 95% of customers prefer an interactive 3D representation of a product compared to video playback. It is obvious that 3D representations of your products allow you to increase your conversion and reach your sales targets sooner than you think. As an e-commerce platform or an online seller, 3D innovations technology is what you need to innovate and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

The world only saw the demand for 3D rendering technology in the gaming and entertainment industries. But things have changed. The E-Commerce sector and particularly fashion, furniture, and makeup domains have picked up the latest trends and preferences of their prospects. Brands like IKEA and Amazon have already made 3D an inseparable part of their online marketplace. This is because the online consumer now prefers interaction with a life-like representation of the product they are interested in.

  1. What 2d Could Not Do Is What 3D Does With Flair

When your customers look at a 3D representation of your products, it gives them the impression of a real-life object. It is far more engaging than a plane 2-dimensional image. The best part is that your prospects can play with this product and customize it as per their liking. They can inspect it from all angles before they buy it and also try them on if you have AR capabilities embedded in your website or mobile app. With AR technology, your users can try your product by just using their smartphone camera and your proprietary app. They can visualize the product on their body or in their real-life environs which gives them the satisfaction that comes with a real-life try-on.

  1. Add More Value To Your E-Commerce Business With 3D

Today, 3D product visualization has become a very important aspect of the customer’s journey in e-commerce. His decisions are largely influenced by 3D modeling and animation of your products. He gets convinced quickly and is constantly looking for interactive experiences. This is why your customers expect you to create 3D product archives and want you to engage them with your offerings. For example, Shopify has already discovered that using augmented reality technology resulted in a 2-times increase in its overall conversions ever since it started providing this feature to its consumers. You can increase your conversions and decrease your returns and exchanges as well. The sooner you invest in 3D for your e-commerce store, the faster and more value you will be able to add to your business.

  1. The Ability To Explore Virtual Showrooms

Several online retailers have already started investing in virtual showrooms and digital storefronts. These platforms are capable of providing your customers with a grand experience that rivals the one that they get in a physical store. Interior designers and furniture manufacturers have taken this visualization technology to the next level by allowing them to project their favorite furniture pieces in their homes using AR applications and their smartphone cameras. This brings about a highly immersive experience and your users can understand just how your product would work or look in their real environment.

  1. Virtual Reality Online Stores

The VR market is growing rapidly as we speak. Traders and manufacturers from all across the globe have understood how virtual versions of their physical stores work. They can create an exact replica of their physical shops and customize their environment as per the choices of their customers.

  1. Augmented Reality Physical Store Tryouts

Because of the large influx of AR apps, several retail outlets have invested in these tools to further engage their customers when they visit their physical stores. This is enhancing their overall shopping experience. As your customer walks into your physical store, you can give them the option to scan every item in your catalog with their smartphone and try it out live in your store without you having to stock up for them. This goes for all your off-season items as well.

  1. 3D Product Visualization – What It Does For Your Sales Team

3D renders and real-time 3D technology make your sales team more efficient. They can share 3D models and highly engaging 3D content with your prospects in real-time and based on their queries. This allows your sales teams to convert a potential lead into a loyal customer faster than you would ever imagine. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to train your sales team in the latest technology used to deploy 3D assets across various devices and channels.

  1. Multi-Channel Marketing With Compatible 3D Assets

Finally, the key here is to enable the E-Commerce retailer to grab the attention of his customer in real-time. Visual branding today is not only about pre-embedded 3D configurators and interactive videos. It is about how this 3D content can be manipulated across devices and channels without losing its aesthetic value.

Let’s Conclude

This is what the online retailers of today are learning. The 3D technology of today is helping E-Commerce retailers differentiate their brand from the crowd. The 3D technology of today is speeding up their sales and helping them become bigger day by day.