8 Clear Benefits Of Using Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality For Your E-Commerce Business

Posted on September 21st, 2022

The tech of the future is already here and we are living our lives dependent on it without even realizing it. Yes! Augmented reality and virtual reality are two concepts that seemed to be almost alien a few years ago but we have grown habitual of them in many ways now.

Augmented Reality

 Augmented reality is being used as a gaming and marketing tool right now by most brands. It is a way to morph your reality by adding 3D elements to it using your smartphone camera. You can project virtual characters and objects onto yourself and/or your environment and view them on your smartphone screen.

Snapchat filters are Augmented Reality at their accessible best!

Virtual Reality

 Now, virtual reality takes these same components and elements and transfers them into a totally different world. It combines them with computer-generated imagery and backdrops to create a virtual world. You can easily enter a realm of life-like simulations that can be experienced through a VR headset, sensors, gloves, earphones, and more.

Oculus Quest is the newsmaker VR headset by Meta we all want to know more about.

Both these concepts when applied to your online business can help you achieve what most eCommerce platforms have been trying to for so many years. Let’s find out how they benefit your business:

 A Few Benefits Of Using Augmented Reality Applications For Your E-Commerce Business

  1. Grow Your Online Store

 It is not possible to present a three-dimensional product in a 2D environment. Product images can only do so much and you are aware of that. But with augmented reality services, you can grow your online store and your user base by incorporating interesting 3D elements that your user can interact with and modify as per his liking.

  1. Increased Customer Engagement

 Augmented reality is inherently interactive. Your customers are going to get hooked on to your website and this works out for you very well. Improved user engagement means a better probability of sales.

  1. Reach Out To New Prospects

 AR applications and services make it easier for you to reach out to new prospects. You can create a lot of buzz regarding your products with just a few AR filters on your social media platform.

  1. Eliminate Your Returns And Exchanges

 Because you will be able to move away from static imagery and switch to 3D and interactive visualizations of your product, you will experience significantly reduced incidents of returns and exchanges.

Now Let’s Explore A Few Advantages Of Adopting Virtual Reality For Your Online Store

  1. A Highly Memorable Experience

 You can deliver a highly memorable experience just by using a few tools and your very own website. The immersive nature of virtual reality is still a mystery to a lot of people because the technology is very much in the development phase. But the expanding virtual worlds will allow your customers to visualize themselves in the middle of it all and this is where you usher in with all the personalized simulations to encourage them to purchase with you.

  1. Spread The Word Of Mouth

 Remember that virtual reality services result in customer delight. Your prospects who have experienced this delight will be more than willing to share the same on their social media profile. This is a very powerful marketing technique and it puts your brand in a most positive light given the current age of technology.

  1. Invoke Customer Loyalty

 As pointed out before, you can deliver highly immersive experiences with the help of virtual reality-compatible websites and applications. This is where you can connect with your customers on a deeper level. The completely different environment they experience is enough to set you apart from the crowd. This results in undiluted loyalty among your prospects towards your brand.

  1. Surety Of Purchase

 You can make people more sure of their purchase with you because you will be incorporating a 360-degree view of your products. Because the customers can view your offering from every angle, they understand the scale and proportions of the product better. In case you are wondering, you can easily overcome any language barriers with the right VR technology. This improves your conversion rate and again decreases your returns and replacements just like augmented reality does.

Let’s Wrap It Up

 Both augmented reality and virtual reality have a long history that spans decades. But the development that we have witnessed over the past 5 to 10 years has been phenomenal. The best part about this advancement is that it is easily accessible and affordable by online retailers of every scale and size. This technology is advancing as we speak and the only way to embrace it is to advance with it.