9 Ways A 3D Viewer

Can Help Your Buyers Make Quick Purchase Decisions

Posted on September 12th, 2022

If you look at it from the point of view of a manufacturer/retailer/e-commerce player, a 3D viewer can do wonders for your business. A 3D configurator/viewer is a great tool to embed into your website. It enables your customers to have a better look at your product from every possible angle. They can rotate your offerings, zoom in and zoom out, replace components, redesign their features, switch among various textures, and colors and personalize the product before the purchase. Needless to say, the typical 3D viewer of today is very lightweight and easy to use too. This is also one of the biggest reasons that it is fast replacing 2D representations/photographs of your products. Your customers have become more accustomed to 3D content and making 2D depictions almost obsolete.

  1. What Makes 3D Models And Viewers So Engaging?

Now, if we look at it from the perspective of your prospects, they get a lot in the bargain. Obviously, you will be the one incorporating 3D elements into your website in the form of beautiful and realistic product visualizations. But in the long haul, everyone wins!

  1. Interactive Product Experience

They will get a more interactive product experience. They can edit and personalize the product in real-time before they purchase it. This eliminates the need to visit the physical store and reduces their commuting cost as well. They can explore your product portfolio in the comfort of their home and interact with your offerings either using their computer or tablet or their smartphone on the go.

  1. Decreased Instances Of Returns And Exchanges

Because they have a better view of your product, you can ensure that incidents of returns and exchanges are at a minimum always. Several studies have already proven that the leading manufacturers of furniture, fashion apparel, makeup, accessories, and jewelry items can reduce their product returns by almost 50% using realistic 3D models. If you combine them with augmented reality applications, you have a winner combination that gets you to your sales target faster than you ever get there with 2D or contemporary product photography.

  1. Reduced Bounce Rate

Another very big advantage of using 3D model viewers on your website is that your website bounce rate gets reduced. According to a study by EyeKandy, 50% of your users would likely spend more than 2 minutes on a page that has a few 3D elements and options for 3D visualization. Because you have completely altered the way you present your products on your page, your prospects find it more interesting, refreshing, and entertaining to play with your 3D offerings. They are more willing to explore their options and a lot more willing to make a purchase with your brand.

  1. Better Visualizations, Better Relations 

Obviously, you are going to present them with a visually appealing website when you adopt 3D product visualization. If they have any questions in their mind regarding your offerings, most of them will be answered by rotating the product in the desired direction. By investing in a dependable and state-of-the-art 3D product viewer, you are able to create a virtual store for your audience. High-quality 3D renderings that enable a 360-degree view and animation allow your customers to understand the product much better as compared to 2-dimensional images. It not only gives your website a more aesthetic appeal but enhances your relationship with your audience as well.

  1. Attractive Visuals

Remember that you don’t have 3D visualization services only for your products. You can give a 3D effect on probably every aspect and design element of your website. You can also create 3D product catalogs and 3-dimensional business cards. You can create beautiful and realistic-looking call-to-action buttons and also several 3D elements across your website such as animated shopping assistants, chat rooms, message icons, menus, shadows, tabs, and even social media buttons in the same way that you have created other 3D elements. This gives your website a very attractive appeal but remembers not to go overboard with CGI and 3D elements. A balance of 2D and 3D designs is what you should aim for if you want to create more attractive visuals for your website.

  1. Animated Products

What’s more? This is just the beginning. Who says that you only have to invest in 3D representations that can be rotated and edited by your customers? For example, you can rig a model of a famous brand of shoes and make it dance around to your favorite song. You can animate a designer dress and help your users view it from every angle without them having to click or press on anything at all. You can also present your products in an animation video and create a fun and interesting section dedicated to only these presentations. There is a catch, however, that your users will not be able to control these animations. It will be like an added feature to your website that will become the USP of your brand.

  1. A View From The Inside

And yes! 3D model viewers allow your prospects to view any product of their choice from the inside as well. You will have to sit down with your 3D artist to create the insides of the product and make them identical to the actual thing. This way you will be able to describe each of its components thoroughly and it is only going to enrich the experience of the user. Your prospects will be able to make a fully informed purchase decision faster because now they know what has gone into the construction of the actual product. This is highly suitable for the furniture sector. For example, if you have a cabinet, a vanity table, or a cupboard for sale, your users will be able to open it up and have a look at the inside to understand its construction and design. They can have a better look at the hinges, panels, screws, various attachments, and components of the product without having to visit the physical store.

  1. Realistic/Real-Life Textures

If you thought that only contemporary photographs can deliver natural and life-like textures, you were wrong. The 3D visualization services of today can easily imitate the actual texture of your products and project it onto their 3D models. This is where it becomes almost impossible to differentiate between an actual Nike shoe and a 3D model of the same on the Amazon app if you’ve noticed.

But How Does All Of This Work Out In Your Favor?

As a manufacturer retailer/e-commerce website, you stand to win throughout. By ensuring that your users get a more personalized shopping experience, a better view of your products, and engaging 3D content animated to entice them, you can achieve your sales target faster.

Because your prospects have a better comprehension of your offerings, they are 44% more likely to add a product to their shopping cart. Remember, these 3D elements and product representations have a higher capability of driving emotions and encouraging sales as compared to 2D pictorial representations. Because they have a much higher aesthetic appeal and your customers are able to get a holistic view of your product in all its glory, you can increase your sales and reduce your returns significantly within a very short span of time.

Your users are also 27% more likely to place an order with you seeing these 3D aesthetics and visualizations in action. And if you add AR into the mix, they are 65% more likely to purchase the product from you.

So, are you willing to make a 3D model viewer a part of your website? Not sure yet? You will be. Just click here for more info about what we do and how we can make your brand the game-changer today.