SuperDNA's New 3D Model Viewer’s

Advanced Add-ons Unveiled!

Posted on August 28th, 2023

In the dynamic realm of 3D visualization, SuperDNA’s new 3D Model Viewer stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a spectrum of add-ons designed to transform the way you perceive and engage with digital models. From exporters that optimize your models for performance to customizable preset settings that provide unprecedented control and an intuitive web viewer that enhances interaction, SuperDNA is reshaping the 3D landscape. Let’s dive into the remarkable capabilities that these add-ons bring to the table.

1. Exporter: Streamlined Optimization for Superior Performance

SuperDNA’s Exporter Add-on is a powerhouse that empowers creators to optimize their 3D models for exceptional performance. With a slew of features including file size reduction, multi-UV set consolidation, and advanced compression techniques such as Draco, KTX2, and Basis, your models become lighter and more accessible without compromising quality. The add-ons compatibility with glb, glTF, and USD formats ensures seamless integration across platforms, while preset creation, manual customization, and device-specific presets based on 3D commerce guidelines offer tailored exporting solutions.

2. Custom Preset Settings: Crafting Your Perfect Model

Tailor your 3D models with precision using SuperDNA’s Custom Preset Settings. This add-on hands you the reins to control various aspects of your models’ appearance and optimization. Define parameters such as Tries Limit, Texture Sizes, Asset Simplification Models, and more. Toggle features like Normal Map and AO Map baking for obtaining control over texture quality. Craft custom naming conventions, determine output file formats, and choose compression types to suit your needs. With this add-on, your 3D models reflect your vision in exquisite detail.

3. WebViewer: Immersive Interaction Redefined

The WebViewer add-on introduces a new era of interactive engagement. From solid to wireframe mode, immerse yourself in your creations from every angle. Adjust SuperDNA IBL with a default white background, with the added flexibility of modifying background transparency. Rotate your environment for an immersive exploration experience, while a familiar button layout ensures seamless navigation. Embrace validation and toggle shadows for a comprehensive understanding of your model’s visual impact. Experience your designs in a whole new light with this transformative add-on.

4. Configurator: Unleash Creativity with Real-Time Customization

The Configurator Add-on is your gateway to dynamic customization. Enrich your models with color and mesh changes, offering a captivating real-time experience to your audience. Integrate versatile configurator options similar to those offered by industry leaders like Threekit. Empower your users to tweak designs, explore variations, and create a deeply personal connection with your products. This add-on amplifies engagement and resonates with customers, showcasing your offerings in an entirely new dimension.

SuperDNA’s 3D Viewer Add-ons redefine the boundaries of 3D visualization, merging innovation and practicality to offer a suite of tools that elevate your creations to a new realm of possibilities. With an exporter that optimizes, preset settings that empower, a web viewer that immerses, and a configurator that inspires, the potential for creativity and engagement knows no limits. Embrace the future of 3D with SuperDNA’s 3D object viewer’s add-ons and experience the difference firsthand. Contact us now for a custom demo of our extraordinary 3D model viewer.