One 3D Asset For

All Your Sales & Marketing Channels: How SuperDNA Can Super-charge Your Efficiency

Posted on July 24th, 2023


With the digital marketplace rapidly becoming the most preferred platform to conduct business, innovative marketing modes and methods are emerging every day. Brands are constantly striving to market their offerings on a multitude of channels, from their website and app to social media platforms. While marketers employ various methods of displaying products on various channels, the integrity of these representations is usually compromised.

Whether it’s attractive product graphics or just simple product photographs, they fail to represent their real-life counterparts in a lifelike manner with all their vital details and attributes. Furthermore, since different channels like websites and apps have different orientations and file requirements, it proves inefficient and unviable to create new visual representations for each platform.

This is where SuperDNA, with its ‘build once, use everywhere’ strategy, comes in. We, at SuperDNA, are 3D solution providers offering the most efficient and effective 3D product assets in the market. A single, photorealistic 3D asset created by us can be easily retargeted by a brand to be used internally across its range of sales channels, including its website, app, and social media handles. Amazed? Read on to know more about how SuperDNA pulls off its ‘build once, use everywhere’ promise.

Creating high-fidelity 3D assets

At SuperDNA, we employ cutting-edge technology and a meticulous approach to create 3D assets that are unparalleled in quality and versatility. Our team of skilled artists and developers meticulously recreates products in stunning detail, capturing every nuance and aspect that make them truly lifelike. From the texture of fabrics to the intricate patterns of jewelry, our 3D assets reflect the true essence of the physical products they represent.

Streamlined asset production process

What sets SuperDNA apart is our streamlined process of asset creation. Rather than starting from scratch for each platform, we leverage our expertise to build a single 3D asset that serves as the ultimate source of truth. This asset becomes the foundation, allowing brands to seamlessly adapt and optimize it for any sales channel they desire.

Whether it’s the website, app, or various social media platforms, our clients can confidently distribute consistent and accurate representations of their products with minimal effort. With popular social media platforms like Facebook and Snapchat adopting AR viewing capabilities, brands can enable customers to engage with their products in their own environment, all with the help of a single 3D asset.

3D assets optimized for compatibility

To achieve this level of flexibility, we employ state-of-the-art software and methodologies. Our 3D assets are compatible with various file formats and orientations, ensuring smooth integration across different platforms. Whether it’s a panoramic display on a website or a compact view on a mobile app, our assets automatically adjust to fit the specific requirements of each channel. This versatility saves our clients precious time and resources that would have otherwise been spent on recreating visuals for every platform individually.

Beyond the practical benefits, implementing SuperDNA’s 3D solutions can also be a catalyst for creativity and innovation within marketing campaigns. Brands can leverage the versatility of our assets to create captivating visuals, interactive experiences, and compelling storytelling. From virtual try-on experiences for fashion brands to 360-degree views of travel destinations, the possibilities are endless. By pushing the boundaries of traditional marketing, brands can capture the attention of their audience and leave a lasting impression.


In conclusion, as the digital marketplace continues to evolve and expand, businesses must adapt their marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. SuperDNA offers a game-changing solution with its “build once, use everywhere” approach to 3D asset creation. By providing high-quality, photorealistic assets that can be effortlessly retargeted across various sales channels, we empower brands to enhance their online presence, engage customers in immersive experiences, and drive conversions. Embrace the future of digital marketing with SuperDNA and unlock a world of endless possibilities for your brand.