5 Reasons

Brands Are Leaning Towards CGI

Posted on August 3rd, 2023

When we talk about putting products on display, we often think about product photography. This is the only way we can go. But some of the brands in the market that have chosen to break the norm have diverted their attention to CGI rendering services. The biggest advantage of using 3D computer-generated imagery for any brand is the level of accuracy and photorealism that it brings to the table. Let’s talk about it in detail in the following section:

  • Superlative Quality Of Imagery

This goes without saying because the level of detail and quality that you can maintain using CGI product rendering is immaculate. It helps brands communicate their design and concept to their consumers without any trouble. As compared to traditional product photography, the results are faster and far superior in quality.

  • Always A Scope For Iteration

Now you must know that 3D CGI always leaves room for iterations, modifications, and customizations. You can make countless changes and create numerous variations of the same product without any hassle. The software responds immediately. The models can be edited quickly, and the renders are taken out almost instantly. The final output is not just identical to the product variation but photorealistic as well.

  • Cost-Effective

Needless to mention, 3D CGI product rendering is highly affordable and far less time-consuming as well. It is much more scalable compared to a traditional photo shoot and can be automated as well.

  • Brand Language Creation

An already-established brand can curate certain materials, fabrics, textures, and lighting schemes well within the software platform. It allows the brand to set a certain standard for itself in the market, and the consumer can identify its product imagery more readily.

  • Venture Into AR And VR

3D CGI rendering opens up doors to augmented reality and virtual reality platforms for the brand. 360-degree product views, AR filters, and virtual reality gaming applications can be incorporated into the overall marketing function using CGI.

When it comes to making waves in the market, 3D and CGI rendering services from SuperDNA 3D Lab are a winning strategy for any brand. You don’t just get high-quality 3D models, but photorealistic CGI lifestyle images as well.