Calculating Cost of

Lifestyle images

Posted on May 12th, 2019

3D has revamped the e-Commerce industry, by enhancing the shopping experience of customers.
If you are planning to market your products online, you need inspirational images for your website as well as for other marketing channels. Since lifestyle image generating process does not need physical models to create product images, it gives you the opportunity to promote the product even before it is actually built and is in the market. 3D models created once can be reused again in different environments and lighting sequences. While implementing it for a business, it becomes crucial to know how you can calculate cost of generating lifestyle images. Here are the key things which will help you in 3D costs.
Steps to Calculate Costs:

  1. Cost of 3D models which you have –

To calculate lifestyle images cost, you need 3D models.
First question is Do you have 3D models?
If yes, then send it to your 3D developer/IT partner to evaluate if they are suitable for lifestyle images.
If not then 3D model creation is the first step. There are different categories of models and cost of models varies as per categories. Generally we drive them into 4 categories (Simple, Moderate, Complex and Very complex) I would like to share few examples here.
A simple model which includes creating right geometry and texture will cost you around USD 20 – USD 40. Here is an example of a simple model.
Moderate models will include more parts to be created or sometimes their geometry is simple but texture/material creation takes more time. Examples you can see below –

  1. Geometry is simple but texture creation takes more time.
  2. Texture is simple but modelling takes more time.

Typical cost of such products comes to USD 50 – USD 70.
Complex models are those models that take longer time to create (includes both texture and model creation time).
Examples –
A complex model costs you around USD 120.
Cost of creating 3D models may also depend upon various factors like choosing ROI driven products, effort estimation, location etc.

  1. Type of Lifestyle Images: The cost also depends on what kind of lifestyle image you want. For example, would you like to have product shots with minimalistic environments, or you prefer full lifestyle images or you just need white render. Let me show you examples and costs.

White Render –
Costs around USD 10-20 USD
Product shots in minimalistic environment –
Costs between USD 30 – USD 60
Full lifestyle Images –
Costs – USD 100- USD 130
Volume – Volume plays a bigger role when calculating costs depending upon number of models. Below table will give you an indication on cost reduction depending upon volume per month. In last column, you will also see reasons mentioned that how cost is further reduced.
Here is a rough indication of the pricing:
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