Common Challenges in the 3D Content Creation Journey & How SuperDNA Counters them

Posted on August 9th, 2021

The 3D content creation workflow is fraught with challenges at every step. With the 3D commerce industry being relatively novel, 3D assets creation processes are far from being failsafe and seamless. However, the advantages of this revolutionary visual marketing strategy undermine its challenges to a great extent. Let’s look at some common challenges 3D content creators encounter in the assets production pipeline and how SuperDNA faces up to them.

-Multiple Sources of Information

There is not a standard format or source that works as a reference or base material for 3D assets production. Instead, clients can provide various sources of information, including reference images, 3D scans, existing assets, CAD images etc., as per choice and availability. This is a considerable challenge for content creators as different sources demand different skillsets and production processes.

SuperDNA has tamed this challenge by creating dedicated production pipelines for every source and assigning them to specialized talents for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

-Scaling 3D Assets Creation

With a standard product inventory typically consisting of hundreds and thousands of products, converting each one of them into 3D assets can be formidably challenging to execute at scale.

SuperDNA has taken massive strides towards automating 3D content creation using cutting-edge tools and technologies to fight this challenge.

-Creating Future Proof/Universal assets

Due to the 3D commerce industry being in the developing stage, 3D assets adoption by the wider market is scarce. The limited big-name suppliers and e-commerce companies who have adopted and are actively employing 3D commerce in their business practices use self-created content creation guidelines making interoperability and long-lasting effectiveness of the assets impossible in the 3D commerce domain.

SuperDNA is a member of the Khronos Consortium and is actively using its recently introduced gltf standard for 3D media to make every 3D asset future proof and universally consistent and acceptable.

Final Verdict

Challenges are aplenty in the 3D content creation landscape. We have only scratched the surface in this blog. With SuperDNA’s innovative approach, every challenge can be overcome. If you want to know more about the challenges of 3D content creation and how SuperDNA can help you face them, reach out to us today.