Converting Your 2D Catalog To 3D Assets Is Fast & Smooth

Posted on October 3rd, 2022

Right now you must think about converting your 2D product catalog into 3D to make the most of the digital retail opportunities available to you as an online retailer. Your consumers seek high-quality 3D representations that they can manipulate and play around with a little. This is because they have run out of patience with 2D product representation and the limited applications that it has.

Whether you are a furniture brand or a fashion apparel company, your product placement function is going to benefit significantly from 3D assets and 3D visualization tools. There are numerous technologies available out there for you to choose from if you want to turn your traditional product images into three-dimensional digital prototypes.

The Primary Benefits Of Converting Your 2D Product Catalog Into 3D Are

  • Increased customer engagement across your website, social media, business app, and more
  • Better User experience for all your visitors
  • Improved sales numbers
  • Reduction of returns and replacements
  • Cost savings by eliminating traditional Product Photography

Remember that once you convert your 2D catalog photos into 3D content, you have numerous opportunities to provide your prospects with some of the most impressive and highly immersive AR experiences as well.

Discovering The Major Ways To Convert Your 2D Catalog Into Reusable 3D Content

  1. 3D Scanning

3D scanning is a highly efficient technology and it proves to be quite useful when it comes to creating super accurate models of your products. This process uses the projection of light particles onto the actual product and creates a digital replica of it in the form of “point clouds”. This is then created into a 3D image with every little detail captured in it.

The biggest advantage of using this equipment is that it is portable and can create some of the most eye-catching and photorealistic 3D renders you may have ever seen. The only downside to this method of converting your 2D catalog into 3D content is that high-quality 3D scanners are very expensive. The price range can go up to tens of thousands of dollars. Therefore, this might prove to be a practical and valuable investment for your company only if you are a large-scale enterprise.

  1. Photogrammetry

 When it comes to photogrammetry, you know that you have stumbled upon the most sensible way to convert your 2D catalog into 3D models. It makes use of traditional photography but with a twist. This process aims to collect numerous pictures of a product from different angles. Then a specialized software platform is used to combine those pictures in a loop to create a 3D prototype of your product. You will never have any complaints regarding the shape, components, depth, height, or proportions of the model.

This is not laser 3D scanning. It is a large-scale photography function that generally takes place in a controlled studio environment. It is like creating a huge collection of your product pictures and stitching them together to produce a perfect 3D model. You can say that you will be augmenting your photography function by at least a hundred times which also means that you will have to raise your photography budget significantly; the only con.

  1. Professional 3D Design

 Professional 3D designing is without a doubt the most affordable way to convert your 2D product photographs into a complete 3D catalog. What you need is a highly skilled and professional 3D modeling and texting artist. The team is also going to comprise lighting experts who are going to give great lighting effects to the final composition/render. The biggest advantage of using 3D modeling is that you need just a few pictures of your product clicked with your smartphone.

You do not need to go for extensive studio photography. You do not have to invest in high-end camera equipment and props. Everything can be added through software. There is a high scope of customization and scalability with 3D models that are created using software platforms. The best part is that converting your 2D product images to 3D designs this way allows you to keep the quality of the digital representation consistently high. They are going to look exactly like the real product which means no compromises on aesthetics or realism.

Turn Your 2D Catalog Into 3D – How Super DNA 3D Lap Can Help

 You must stay relevant to your customers. You need to embrace the technology of the future which is already knocking at your door. SuperDNA 3D Lab is one of the leading 3D content creators today. By associating with such a market leader you will be ensuring that:

  • All 3D conversion work is carried out as per international standards only
  • The final render is 100% accurate and life-like
  • You get complete support for a wide range of file types and extensions
  • Only the most advanced and state-of-the-art software and hardware combination are used
  • Your company data is totally secure and encrypted
  • You get the best pricing and the most timely and appropriate 3D solutions for your brand

Final Thoughts

 It is not going to be difficult at all to turn your 2D image collection into 3D models. In fact, with the present technology, it becomes a lot of fun and very fast. So when are you converting your 2D assets into 3D models?