5 Tips To

Differentiate Between Good And Bad CGI On Your Own

Posted on August 7th, 2023

If you are somebody who has an eye for detail, perhaps has worked even a little bit with some kind of designing software such as Photoshop, or has even a little knowledge about 3D objects and how they are made, you will be able to tell the difference between good and bad CGI.

The bad ones always stand out and become something for brands to learn from. If you have chosen a CGI rendering service provider, you should also be aware of how to differentiate between good and bad CGI. The following tips will help you out:

  • Lack Of Realistic Appeal

The overall realistic appeal of any computer-generated imagery is the combination of its size, texture, and lighting. If the object lacks these details, it is going to appear flat and more like a two-dimensional representation. This takes away from its overall realistic appeal significantly.

  • Bad Lighting

If the lighting of the object or CGI does not match that of the background being used, the effect is going to be hilarious and fake.

  • Wrong Proportion

This is very obvious. If the product’s CGI is disproportionate as compared to the room setting it has been put up in, it is clearly bad CGI rendering.

  • Bad Coloring

Mismatched colors are also a big giveaway. If they are oversaturated, unrealistic, or perhaps do not go well with the overall lighting of the scene, it is going to give a bad impression about the brand that has invested in that CGI.

  • Jittery Animation

If you choose to animate an object, the movement should always be smooth and lifelike. Anything that is too spontaneous, sudden, or jittery is going to come across as fake.

If you look at examples from everyday life, you’ll find many retailers on Amazon and other online marketplaces trying to make sales using nightmarish CGI. The products appear flat, and the backgrounds are overpowering.

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