How Does 3D Visualization Scale Up Your

E-Commerce Business?

Posted on September 6th, 2023

With the proper 3D product visualization process, you can make a huge difference in your e-commerce business. 3D modeling is the use of the right 3D software to create three-dimensional representations of your products. The 3D artist or modeler uses a 3D mesh, which can be understood as digital clay, to mold out three-dimensional representations of any object or item in your portfolio. He tweaks and shapes its polygons to give them the desired shape and dimensions. The result is a photorealistic model of your product that is the closest to the actual thing. These 3D models can be mapped exactly to your real product. This makes them much better compared to traditional product photography.

But how can 3D product visualization help you scale your business? Let’s find out in the section below:

  • More customer engagement

3D visuals result in a higher degree of customer engagement. This is because 3D models can be deployed across a wide variety of platforms, such as 3D viewers, configurators, AR filters, and stand-alone mobile apps that allow your customers to view the product in 3D as it is. The realistic preview that they are able to enjoy of your product gives your brand a fantastic appeal, and the result is an increased level of interactivity. This works to convince your customers that they want that product in their homes. These models are able to remove all doubt and ambiguity from their minds by giving them a clear view of the construction, features, dimensions, colors, materials, textures, finishes, and varieties of your product.

  • Increased sales and reduced returns

The 3D model or 3D replica of your products can be displayed on a 360-degree viewer, which gives the user or customer a complete view of the product. This makes them more aware of the dimensions, shape, curves, texture, components, features, and other aspects of the product. Your customers can have a closer look at it by rotating it in every direction. This leads them to obtain more knowledge about it and, eventually, a more informed purchase decision. Also, when they are able to project the same product in their real environment using AR product projection, they know how it will fit or suit their home. And this enables them to make the most correct purchase decision, therefore eliminating any chances of returns and replacements.

  • Easy Portfolio Expansion

When you are looking to scale up your production and include more 3D models, whether of a different product category or a different variety of the same product, it is very easy to modify your existing models. Your 3D artist can tweak the mesh of your present models and employ ready-to-use materials to make them look like a different variant or a different product. So when you have a diverse portfolio, you can scale your 3D model collection without any significant investment or resources.

  • Tweak materials whenever you want

3D product visualization is a lot of fun. When you have a lot of product variations, you are bound to have a wide variety of materials, textures, and finishes. This is where it becomes very easy to customize your 3D assets. If you are looking to get a little more creative with your product portfolio, you can first create materials and then notify your production team about the changes to create a prototype. So yes, it works both ways. If you are about to scale, a 3D visualization platform gives you a lot of freedom.

  • Adjust the patterns as per your desire

This is highly specific to the fashion industry and the footwear sector. Variations in your products can be very well depicted with the use of 3D visualization technology. You have infinite personalization capabilities with the right tool. Patterns, textures, styles, and a lot more can be adjusted as per your products. If you are about to launch a new variant or style of an existing product, the same can be shown in your 3D prototype by making just a few changes to some of its segments. You are able to modify the color, dimensions, fit, and design of your 3D assets very easily using just a few tools and no extreme level of technical knowledge.


So now it is quite clear what 3D product visualization does to enable you to scale up your e-commerce business easily. Do you want to be a part of this innovative journey?