how 3d can help in increasing web traffic

Posted on March 19th, 2019

As you are reading this article so we guess either you are from Marketing team or related department.

As per our survey with eCommerce Marketers we found that one of constant thought a marketers has is to bring more traffic to his website.

In online retail, it’s proven fact that more traffic means more conversation. We will not detail out all possible ways to bring more traffic but one of them which is clearly emerging is 3D. Decision to buy becomes easier when buyer is able to touch, feel and see products from all angles.

Unique content, better quality images, free promotion, word-of-mouth, more engagement are few factors but we will deep dive more into this topic further which is 3D.

As e-Commerce industry is growing at a rapid pace, one needs to embrace the latest trends of shopping to boost sales and stay competitive. Similarly, 3D has come a long way from being a fictional technology to a reality. To e-Commerce industry, 3D has given a makeover to the online shopping experience. From the industry giants to the new comers – everyone is switching towards 3D.

According to Statista, e-Commerce has reached to $2.3 trillion in 2017 and is expected to reach to $4.8 trillion by 2021. In current scenario, where visuals play a significant role in product showcasing.

Here are various ways to increase web traffic with 3D and also get other benefits:

1. Enhance shopping experience

3D allow buyers to interact with products dynamically. With 3D, buyers can visualize a product in 360 degrees and can view a product model in customized colours in real time which give buyer a complete idea of how it actually looks. All this is possible by using 3D imaging. Technology like AR empowers customers to place a virtual product at their homes and see if it suits the surroundings and usability. As 3D technologies help customers perceive a product as it is and visualize how it actually woks, this makes them shop with confidence and interestingly, it reduces the chance of product returns significantly.

2. Create high quality content for your website

It’s hard to differentiate between a 3D image and a photographed image. Moreover, the content generated by using Computer Generated Images are of high quality. You can generate multiple 3D scenes by using similar model in different environments.  As images are of high quality and not bounded to physical world only, one can bring the best out of their creativity to create content worth noticing.

3. Tests Products prior to Designing

Imagine getting feedback on your product from your prospective customers before actually manufacturing it. 3D makes it possible! 3D technologies allow sellers to create realistic images of products before actually designing them and get customers’ responses on them. One can upload and test these images at various social media platforms and get to know which one is gaining popularity among the users. This way, new products get tested without actually being created while reducing the cost of design iteration, which would have not been possible prior to 3D technologies.

4. Complements Marketing and Sales

3D technologies help companies in the product storytelling and visual communication substantially. Modern buyers do not like the idea of reading a plain text but would like to look at an exciting visual. Such realistic images help in providing visual delight that can encourage buyers to click and go to the product page . It finally leads to increase in the sales. As 3D images make customers reachable to each and every detail and they can explore the product, there is more possibility of making purchases and thus making a significant increase in sales of the company.

5. Equips Businesses to Stay Ahead of the Curve

With the advancement in technology, most of the eCommerce companies are giving options to customers to engage with the product. Early adopters of the 3D technologies can differentiate themselves from their competitors and will always stay a step ahead of others. Today’s customers are tech-savvy and visual-loving, and in order to cater them, businesses must embrace and implement 3D technologies like AR, 3D animation and CGI etc. which provide customer engagement and ultimately help with traffic increase.

As 3D technologies continue to gain more popularity and adoption by offering tangible advantages to the e-Commerce companies to delight their customers and provide them a personalized shopping experience, it will continue to remain one of the hottest investment areas for the industry. With numerous application of 3D modelling, animation, CGI and AR around, 3D technologies are omnipresent and evidently a pivotal catalyst in driving traffic and revenue for a modern business.

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