how ai together with 3d performs complex tasks quickly for e-commerce businesses

Posted on June 1st, 2021

AI has become ubiquitous in the current data-driven world. As per Fortune Business Insights, the total value of the global AI market is slated to be $267 billion by 2027. As is the case with most innovative technologies, the adoption rate of AI for various use cases has been exceptionally high in the e-commerce industry.

With speed and agility being the cornerstone of every cutting-edge technology, let’s look at how AI delivers complex solutions with the utmost promptness for e-commerce businesses as well as in 3D asset production chains.

AI plus 3D equals speed for e-commerce 

From site load time to product delivery, online shoppers expect everything to function quickly and seamlessly. With the power of AI, e-commerce businesses can collect valuable customer data in a flash and use it to push personalized product recommendations and offers to customers. And hence, AI can help e-commerce businesses deliver highly personalized experiences instantly.

3D commerce is revolutionizing e-commerce with its countless benefits, including immersive customer experiences and increased sales. By integrating AI into 3D modeling pipelines, 3D asset creation can be scaled greatly in short turnaround times. By harnessing AI utilities, materials and textures modeled in the past can be reused to create new 3D models fast and efficiently. AI can rapidly take 3D content creation for e-commerce businesses from craft production to mass production.


The fusion of AI with e-commerce and 3D commerce can stimulate agility and leanness in the front and back-end processes of a business. We, at SuperDNA, with our prior knowledge in AI and machine learning, have successfully incorporated AI utilities with our 3D material and texture repository and hence, deliver high-resolution 3D assets swiftly at the industry’s shortest turnaround time for e-commerce players.