How CGI Saves Money on e-Commerce Marketing

Posted on June 7th, 2020

Great photography is indispensable for the successful marketing of your eCommerce products. Although traditional photography has been in practice for a long time, product visualization is gaining more popularity these days due to its flexibility and cost. Even home furnishing giant IKEA made a switch from traditional photography to advanced 3D solutions and this is evident from their online store and product catalogs.

The Swedish furniture giant has been aggressively using Computer-generated imagery (CGI) for its catalogs. IKEA’s first CGI venture was a pinewood chair in 2006 and by 2012, Wall Street reported that 25% of their products were created through 3D CGI rendering and the ratio has recently jumped to around 75%.

Here’s how CGI can help businesses in cost savings:

  • Reduction in Transportation Costs

CGI furniture visualization offers cost-saving options by reducing the transportation cost of products and teams for photography which can ultimately save you money by around 60% compared to traditional photography. No to mention, it saves you ample time and effort as well.

  • Pre-sell Products to Identify Market Demand

With CGI modeling, you can start marketing your product to your target audience way before creating the actual product. As your customers interact with the product and share their feedback, you can use those insights to improve your products to achieve a better product-market fit. Sometimes, the evaluation even leads you to a conclusion that the market may not be ready for a certain product yet and as a result, you save enormous time and money.

  • Reusability of Models

Manufacturers need to experiment with different materials before deciding on the final design. 3D models created once can be easily tweaked by the artists to change design and color which is way more cost-effective than producing a separate prototype for each color and transferring these products for photo shoots later on. CGI helps you create one model and reuse it numerous times saving your efforts significantly.

  • Flexibility in Corrections

Imagine visualizing a product to look in a certain way and end up looking differently after being manufactured. Many times, a product created physically does not turn out to be as expected, and recreating an object is too expensive. Working with CGI provides you flexibility where you can easily make countless changes in the picture even after it’s being rendered.

  • CGI Helps in Situational Marketing

Creating real backgrounds for photo shoots is a very expensive and complicated process that involves – renting a location, hiring a photographer, arranging props, etc. When there is an important event and you are required to create a buzz around it through situational marketing, you have everything but time.There 3D CGI allows you to create the required model in different interior and exterior setting and styles without any complications and in the least amount of time to make you achieve your goal.

The eCommerce market is growing at a rapid pace today and you are required to list products frequently and that too with the proper standards and guidelines. Leverage CGI to create a stunning visual experience in less time and cost, and stay ahead of the curve.