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Posted on October 20th, 2020

Ikea, the Swedish furniture is one of the leading examples in 3D space which we look forward to.

Especially in this pandemic, buyers need more tools online in hand to decide on their choices. Out of our interest, we looked into all tools available from IKEA and How buyers are using them? These can be used as an inspiration and knowledge base. Various 3D solutions like 3D Configurator tools, 3D Customization, and Augmented Reality are getting popular. We have added some IKEA tools to the list which help buyers to design their space.

We collected this information from multiple sources, so we tried our best to provide accurate information, but we have no means to verify it.

Augmented Reality – IKEA was there before ARKit – Not many are aware of this.

AR got a real buzz when Apple launched its ARKit in 2017 however IKEA was already there in the Augmented Reality space and probably the first one in the Furniture segment using Metaio. Reportedly in 2015, Metaio was acquired by Apple.

Ikea Place – An Augmented Reality Solution

IKEA’s AR app ‘IKEA Place’ allows buyers to virtual place catalog products in their home environment and which facilitate the process of trying on furniture before purchasing. Ikea launched its application in 2017 by using Apple’s ARKit which is an Augmented Reality development platform. This application can showcase 3D models of a wide range from sofas to armchairs. The application provides up to 98% of accuracy to buyers which gives them a fair idea of the furniture size, design, and functionality of their home.

Users having android 7.0 & above can use this application which allows them to choose from a wide range of digitized products to explore virtually in any environment. This application is capable of automatically scaling the products based on their dimensions and size.

 IKEA Store App – This is known as “Shopping Companion”

The Ikea store app is designed specially to make the in-store shopping experience easier like never before. The application serves the purpose of saving buyers’ time by creating a shopping list before one goes into the store. On application, you can check if their desired products are in stock and from where to purchase them. This solves the woes of remembering the product list that is required to be purchased from the store, all you need to do is scan the barcode and add it to your list. Buyers can scan the QR codes and barcodes of the products they wish to buy, the application helps them to know about the information related to the product.

 Catalog App – Visualize before you buy

Ikea’s Catalog app lets buyers choose products from its catalog to visualize as well as the application gives access to a 360-degree view of the rooms. Buyers can choose products from Ikea’s Catalog and that product is to be scanned with the device’s camera and is placed virtually in the room as if it is actually in the room, which helps buyers in decision making to check if it fits in their environment or not.

The application makes use of the physical catalog to determine the position and orientation of the products which are to be displayed on the camera’s viewer. Ikea web store also provided a demonstration video to guide how the app could be used.

Users can explore and save their favorite images and visualize if particular furniture suits their space with the help of 3D features.

IKEA Planning Tools:

With 3D innovations revolutionizing the retail sector, giants like Ikea are continuously working on finding ways to improve customer experience.

Ikea is offering a huge range of options to choose from with a major focus on tools to offer a remarkable experience that gives buyers an in-depth idea about the products they’re planning to buy, without traveling to a store.

IKEA’s planning tools are playing a crucial role in Ikea’s journey. Their various home planning tools offer buyers a unique experience to visualize products in a 3D environment.

Other Tools:

Ikea’s various tools that are currently offering a unique experience to the customers are:

  1. METOD kitchen planner –It is a kitchen planning tool that lets you design your dream kitchen by virtually trying out products and reaching a rough quotation within a few minutes.
  2. 3D kitchen planner –The kitchen planner provides access to kitchen products in 3D to finalize all details and prices of kitchen products.
  3. Bathroom planner –For using the bathroom planner tool you need to insert your bathroom measurements and create an ideal furniture combination for the bathroom.
  4. PAX planner –PAX planner enables you to create a flexible and customizable wardrobe storage system.
  5. BESTA planner –BESTA planner provides a solution to choosing a perfect living room storage.
  6. PLATSA –PLATSA is a planning tool that lets you optimize your living space as per requirements. PLATSA units can be combined into small and big sizes which provides customized solutions to your specific needs.
  7. ALGOT planner –This planner provides a creative approach and helps in designing an ideal storage solution that is suitable for multiple usages.
  8. EKET planner –EKET planner lets you design asymmetric wall and floor storage solutions.
  9. ELVARLI planner –With the use of the ELVARI planner, you can choose your ideal combination to create a storage system that is a perfect fit for your space and style.

In a summary, there are more tools available from IKEA which help in Smart Home, and also each country has different IKEA apps we have not listed anything.

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