how khronos gitf viewer 3d content creation guidelines are promoting widespread 3d adoption

Posted on October 11th, 2021

SuperDNA is an active member of the reputable Khronos consortium, which develops and defines royalty-free open standards for the production and distribution of high-end technological products. One of the primary areas of focus of the Khronos group is the 3D media and real-time 3D content ecosystem. The unwavering drive to take the 3D media domain to the pinnacle and make 3D content pervasive in the digital world is mutual in Khronos and SuperDNA, which is why we became the supporters of this preeminent association and contributing member of its 3D commerce working group.

By defining detailed guidelines for real-time 3D asset creation, the Khronos group is empowering 3D artists and content creators to streamline the asset production process and consistently achieve high-quality outcomes. Additionally, these guidelines are facilitating seamless interoperability of 3D content and enabling merchants to utilize 3D assets across diverse platforms and solutions without any limitation.

Furthermore, by introducing the gITF open standard file format for 3D assets, the Khronos group is ensuring a consistent, optimal quality viewership experience for end-users. The gITF format is also contributing massively to reducing the file size of 3D assets for real-time engine-agnostic performance.

With these vast leaps by the Khronos group towards optimizing and standardizing the authoring and interoperability workflows for 3D assets, the day is not far when 3D content will become ubiquitous in the market. To know more about how Khronos is actively stimulating widespread adoption of 3D content and SuperDNA’s contributions to this initiative, reach out to us today.