How Product Customization Helps In Increasing e-Commerce sales

Posted on November 2nd, 2018

Recent developments in technology have been impacting the e-Commerce industry growth massively and multiple factors catalyzed the growth.

Among them, 3D has been one of the most influencing factors and a huge area of investment for the e-Commerce players.
No wonder, online shopping inherently brings several challenges to buyers as it lacks the ‘touch and feels’ factor. However, many of the shortcomings have been addressed and solved by modern 3D Technologies. 3D gives online buyers a similar experience to a physical store, from exploring the product from multiple angles and seeing how it looks on one’s body or in a specific environment.
One of the major concerns for an online buyer is the lack of options for a particular product. For instance, most of the time a buyer looks for a particular product in his desired color and finds the one similar to his need but with different colors.
Mr. John, a buyer visited a web store to purchase a sofa. He finds one of the products suitable up to some extent while some of his requirements like fabric or color of sofa do not match.

Mr. John called the customer service center to inquire about the product and Mr. Lewis picked up the call.
“I want to inquire more about the product “ABC”. Is there any option available with different fabric textures and colors?” asks Mr. John.
“We have many products similar to this, but the same model is not available in another color,” said Mr. Lewis
Eventually, Mr. John does not get the product of his choice and ends up visiting another web store where finds the options to customize the sofa with different colors and fabric. The store simply allowed him to customize the product and a sale was made!
Personalization is important as it gives customers a feeling that their interests are being taken into account. E-Commerce companies lose a good chunk of customers every year due to the lack of product customization and with the latest technologies, it’s easier to allow a customer to choose the product of his choice and later actually create it and deliver it.

 The solution to this issue:
If e-Commerce companies can get their assets converted into 3D, which gives buyers an option to try multiple colors and fabric combinations on products and decide which one they like the most. To create such custom models, 3D model ids are usually designed. For example, to create a sofa in 3D, firstly a 3D model of the sofa is created, and then that 3D model is unwrapped which is followed by creating the number of textures for a particular model. The textures created are showcased on the website which buyers customize to design a custom model for themselves.

Process of designing customized models:

Step 1: Sofa with multiple colors

Step 2: Create a 3D model of a sofa

Step 3: Unwrapping of 3D model

Step 4: Different textures are to be created

Step 5: Combination of 3D model and textures with the help of a configurator.

How SuperDNA can help you?

The way 3D visualizations are revolutionizing the e-Commerce market, this process can surely help in attracting a huge number of new customers by offering product customization. We at SuperDNA make every possible effort to deliver the highest quality products which can add value to our customers’ business.
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