how superdna is empowering suppliers with highly efficient

3d assets

Posted on September 13th, 2021

Minimum input, maximum output is an auspicious yet elusive trait that every business covets to acquire in order to achieve commercial optimity. By offering highly flexible and adaptable 3D assets, SuperDNA is helping suppliers, manufacturers, and e-commerce businesses obtain this trait and excel in the market.

We at SuperDNA have designed an innovative content creation process where our expert 3D artists weigh in the various compatibility requirements and guidelines of different 3D solutions like AR/VR, 360-degree viewers, and 3D configurators, and prominent e-commerce companies to create 3D assets that can comply with every solution and e-commerce platform.

Businesses can now leverage a single 3D product model across diverse 3D solutions per their needs and preferences and scale their 3D marketing efforts efficiently and cost-effectively.

Furthermore, suppliers and manufacturers need not fret about the inconsistency in their brand identity and image anymore because of their products being modeled and represented differently on different e-commerce platforms.

SuperDNA will directly liaise with them to convert their product inventories into high-quality 3D models, which will be distributed to various e-commerce platforms helping them keep their unique brand image consistently intact.

Additionally, this breakthrough content creation model will alleviate the extra efforts and expenses incurred by e-commerce companies to 3D model products at their end.

To know more about how our 3D assets can be leveraged across different solutions and e-commerce platforms, reach out to us today.