How to reduce

photography cost by 70%?

Posted on February 12th, 2019

Computer-generated imagery (CGI) has to a great extent successfully replaced conventional product photography, particularly in the furniture industry.

The laborious process of hiring a designer and a photographer, procuring props, and renting a studio to photoshoot products is gradually yet promisingly being substituted by CGI, which is much more cost-efficient.

CGI and 3D modeling truly work like magic as without much dedication of time, money, and effort, you get product demonstrations that are at par or better than professionally clicked photographs. In this article, we will discuss reasons why online furniture stores must leverage CGI capabilities to boost their business.

Time-efficient – While the product photography process for a limited number of products usually takes a fortnight, multiple high-quality CGI product images can be produced within days. The time to arrange for props and set up other necessary things for product photoshoots is saved when you choose the quick yet highly- effective CGI option.

Budget-friendly – Arranging for the background accessories and manufacturing product prototypes that could be rejected for a one-time usable image doesn’t seem like a financially feasible option. What’s budget-friendly is a CGI product image that requires nothing more than a simple graphic or a CAD drawing. An expert 3D artist can create a real-looking CGI product image in a matter of hours. What’s more, is that a single CGI image can be reused and tweaked unlimited times to match your exact requirement.

 Quality – As mentioned earlier, you can play with multiple designs and styles in a CGI image and create sensational backgrounds that accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your product. Such reiterations are unimaginable to execute in product photography. For changing the background props in a product photograph, you’ll probably have to arrange for new ones and do the entire process all over again which again comes with the possibility of the outcome not turning out to be as desired. A creative 3D artist can bring in their unique style and experiment with unlimited permutations in a CGI image to make the outcome as appealing as possible.

 Flexibility – Imagine having to manufacture separate product samples with different colors and materials to have a complete range of a single product photographed. Not very viable right? With CGI, however, a single product model can be modified with different colors and textures without having to redo everything from scratch. Indeed a flexible alternative to physical product photography.

 Design visualization – A product can be photographed only after it’s manufactured. This can prove to be a bottleneck for e-commerce companies wanting to perform pre-launch marketing and solicit the stance of their target audience regarding a product. With CGI, you can create a visualization of your upcoming product and start marketing it before it’s materialized. This can also infuse efficiency and speed in the supply chain and reduce time to market.

Helps in marketing – Regardless of how high the quality of your product’s photographs are and appealing the aesthetics of the background is, photographs are still very conventional and don’t inspire awe in the viewers. CGI on the other hand is a highly innovative tech and can catch the attention of viewers when used strategically in marketing collaterals.

Conclusion – All these reasons prove the benefits of CGI for e-commerce stores. Another prominent advantage of CGI over product photography is that it enables e-commerce stores to stand out. Most online stores today are selling more or less the same products. The product representations are also similar across e-commerce websites which makes it difficult for online stores to appear unique in the eyes of customers as well as the search engine algorithms. CGI however will enable you to demonstrate the same products in a uniquely appealing manner. If you want to make the most of your marketing investment as an e-commerce store, adopt the CGI tech today.