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How to reduce photography cost by 70%?

With the advent of Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), the entire approach to product photography has been revolutionized, especially in furniture industry.
Today e-Commerce companies buy disposable props and transport it to a studio, then wait for days and pay thousands of dollars for the professional photo-shoot, which is a very inefficient and expensive.
Comparing the complexity of the photography process, 3D modelling and rendering seems like a miracle as with your minimal involvement and for a lower price you will be able to provide photo realistic images to the potential buyers. But how it can meet your needs and boost your business?
Here are various reasons why it’s a good idea for furniture e-Commerce to start using CGI:

  1. Time Efficiency:Conventional photography required at least a week to transfer the products to a certain location. On the other hand, CGI process barely takes time to generate a high-quality lifestyle image, and process consists of creating a 3D model. Once a 3D model created, can be reused in different environments. So, CGI is a fast and effective way of designing catalogs, which guarantees to provide an edge to your company.
  2. Budget friendly:Product photography involves a hassle of arranging disposable props and models which required a major investment and those models and props were barely used afterwards. Most importantly, average cost of a product photography is around 500-600$. On the other hand, CGI costs you around 150$ to generate lifestyle images as it do not require any real objects, only 2D images or CAD drawings are enough for 3D artists to create 3D model. A 3D model can be reused multiple times which automatically makes this process a convenient alternative to the traditional ways,l you can also calculate cost associated with lifestyle images as well.
  3. Quality:CGI is a flexible process which allows you to customize your images with extraordinary background as well as details. You can customize scenes with any POV, lighting and colour palette which helps in creating larger than life high resolution images that is not possible with the traditional photography. By using modern software tools, an artist can bring its creative side into a frame which helps them in designing a lifestyle image way better than a normal photo.
  4. Flexibility (customization options):With conventional photography, shooting for the same product with various color and material is a frustratingly complex process. To shoot such products, one needs to arrange for the samples of different colors for each model, which is not the case with CGI process. A 3D model is created once and then a 3D artist just have to clone it and add different textures to the model.
  5. Design Visualization:One of the major challenges with photography for furniture companies is that they can take photos of products only after they are manufactured. Thankfully, CGI process solves this problem entirely, where products can be visualized with the help of CGI technologies, which eliminates the need of creating physical products. In a simple word, CGI helps you see and build the product photo way before actually manufacturing it, giving you an advantage to promote it earlier than usual.
  6. Helps in marketing:Since CGI process does not need physical models to create product images, it gives you the opportunity to promote the product before it’s actually built and in the market. 3D models created once can be reused again in different environments and lighting sequences. Digital innovations are bringing interactivity as a powerful marketing tool. Also, with the use of CGI, you can highlight your product’s features in a better way.
    Biggest advantage for marketers is having unique content on their site. Most of the eCommerce players today sell same products coming from same sellers or manufacturers, which also mean they have the duplicate content with every other site. Having CGI generated content, gives marketers unique content that is a big boost to their SEO strategy.Technologies having such efficiency level and creativity freedom was not available previously. Today an e-Commerce can generate high quality images for their catalog or marketing campaigns without any photography practice thanks to CGI technologies. As designing 3D visuals are way cheaper and faster with CGI, this helps retailers in accelerating and improving the outcome of their overall promotional efforts. In order to get a maximum return on investment of your marketing and showcase your products in the best way possible, CGI is the best possible way.

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