7 Benefits & Importance Of 3D

Product Rendering In E-Commerce Business

Posted on September 13th, 2023

When your customers are looking for the actual feel of a product, there is very little scope for any other marketing method. You just have to give them exactly what they want. But this is not possible on digital platforms. Or is it? If you use the right 3D product modeling and rendering services, you can get a lot closer to providing your customers with an almost real-life experience of your products. These 3D models can be placed on your website and can also be downloaded to the smartphones of your users to be viewed in their real environment using just the camera lens. While it is not anything new, the innovation that it brings is definitely exciting for your customers. The following section explores the many benefits and importance of 3D product rendering for your e-commerce business. Let’s begin:

  • A Highly Engaging Shopping Experience for Customers

3D rendering services ensure a highly engaging shopping experience because the 3D product you have created is lifelike and beautiful to look at. These can be deployed across various platforms and completely revolutionize all the touch points that you use to get in touch with your consumers. The changing desires and demands of your consumers are well answered by 3D models of your products.

  • Much more affordable than traditional photography.

You would think that traditional product photography is more affordable, but it is actually contrary to that. Product photography involves shipping costs, maintenance costs, insurance costs, labor costs, and a lot more, including photography equipment, filters, lighting, and production and post-production costs as well. 3D visualization, on the other hand, only requires a few images of your products to create a digital copy of your offerings. It is faster and much more cost-effective.

  • Superbly effective in product personalization

Once you have a 3D version of your product, it can be easily customized to your liking. For example, if you are an online customer, you can use a 3D product configurator to zoom in and out of the product. You can also rotate the model in any direction you want and choose the colors, materials, textures, and components to add to or remove from the digital representation.

  • 3D models enhance consumer confidence.

You can increase your conversion rate by almost 40% by incorporating just one 3D model of your product. The consumer gains more confidence in your offerings and is easily convinced to make a purchase with you. When they have applied their own personalizations to your 3D products, they are more confident about what they will be getting for their money.

  • Makes you an expert in social commerce

Social commerce is a fast-rising trend. You can attract several customers on social media platforms by sharing your attractive and impressive 3D content on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and similar platforms. You are able to reach a wider audience without any paid advertisements or promotional gimmicks.

  • Augmented Reality Becomes Easier to Implement

When you talk about augmented reality-enabled applications, 3D models are the only way to facilitate such an experience. These 3D assets of your products can be used to enable virtual product placement in the real environment of the user. Your consumers can “try before they buy,” whether it is fashion apparel or a piece of furniture they have grown fond of. The same 3D models can also be used to facilitate a gamified shopping experience for your customers.

  • 3D visualization is faster and simpler than you think.

3D visualization is very simple and fast to implement. A lot of people think that 3D product rendering services are not fast or maybe not as result-oriented as traditional product photography. This is not the case because the results are fast and photo-realistic, and there is a high degree of personalization here that no other method of marketing offers. So, when are you investing in 3D product rendering services for your e-commerce business?