Real-time 3D content revolutionizes product viewing

Posted on December 21st, 2021

Real-time 3D content revolutionizes product viewing experiences and allows customers to behold what an e-commerce company has to offer from multiple angles, inspiring confidence in purchase decision-making. Furthermore, 3D

product models can be embedded in real-time engines and viewers to enable customers to personalize products to their heart’s content and build their own product rather than simply choose from the brand’s existing offerings. But, optimizing high-definition and highly detailed 3D models and transforming them into real-time assets is an uphill task.

Toning down on the precious details in a 3D model is a meticulous undertaking and demands technical as well as psychological intelligence to determine where the details can be forsaken without distorting the actual appearance of the product. SuperDNA, a leading 3D content creation company, proudly specializes in the demanding task of real-time assets optimization.

We have an in-house team of competent 3D artists who have dedicated long years to honing their craft with a natural aptitude for strategic content creation to boot. Our expert team analyzes every project for areas where heavy details can be sacrificed and subsequently employ state-of-the-art software capabilities to deliver performant real-time 3D assets.

These turnkey assets are created in a standardized format and can be used across various 3D viewers for multiple purposes including webpage product representation, advertisements and social media marketing. If you are an e-commerce company wanting to engage your customers with customizable, flexibly viewable, and personalizable real-time 3D assets, consult SuperDNA today