Redefining Your E-Commerce Presence In 2022

Posted on April 21st, 2022

You don’t want your customers to feel regret. You don’t want them to look for ways to return or exchange any of your products. But these things do happen because it is the age of online shopping after all. Can you let that happen though? No, because it reflects badly on your reputation. This is where product configurators come in.

A product configurator is an interactive tool/software that allows your customers to configure or customize the characteristics of a product. They can change the color, size, texture, components, and a lot of other aspects of your product by just using a 3D configurator. Of course, you will have to invest in 3D simulations/renders of your products to make this configuration possible. For example, products such as motorbikes, furniture pieces, fashion apparel are very commonly viewed and edited in 3D visual configurators these days to facilitate complete personalization by the end-user. This is a basic use of a configurator in e-commerce and online shopping these days.

Let’s Discover Some Of Its Benefits For Your E-Commerce Website

  • It Can Act As A Sales Consultant

A Configurator can function as a virtual assistant without you having to invest in one. For example, if you are trying to sell a car, it is going to recommend the most suitable paint and custom finishes for the interiors for your customers without any commands or requests.

  • Impactful Product Description

A product description that is conveyed through imagery and video is far more effective than the written word. This is why configurators are made interactive and engaging.

  • Reduces Returns And Exchanges

By empowering your customers and giving them the ability to design and reconfigure your products, you are reducing the probability of returns and exchanges. The customer will know exactly what he is getting and that reduces any chances for returns and replacements.

  • Simplifies Sales Cycle

It simplifies and shortens your sales cycle significantly. When your customers understand your offering better, they connect with your brand much faster and become your loyal customers sooner than you expect. The role of your sales teams, after-sales executives, and other assistants is reduced significantly.

  • Gets You Better Conversion

Your buyers are more likely to purchase an item that they can configure and personalize on their own. Visuals explain to them what they will be getting which convinces them to purchase with you faster. They grow and feel comfortable with their choice and convert into your returning customers sooner.

  • Lightweight And Easy To Use

Configurators are very lightweight and can be embedded into your website very easily. They do not require any learning curve at all. They are very simple to use and easily understandable.

3 Different Types Of Configurators You Can Choose From

  • Static 2D

This is one of the most affordable configurators available in the market. They allow you to create a flat and static visualization of your products. It does not support a 360-degree view for your users. However, they can still view the product from different angles and perspectives and make changes with them by configuring their color, texture, lighting conditions, and components.

  • Interactive 3D

Interactive 3D product configurators are a few steps ahead of static 2D configurators. They allow a 360-degree view and real-time rendering of your products as well. Your user can edit and re-configure your product as per their liking and view it from every angle quite easily. It is like checking out different variations of the same product in real-time through 3D representation. For example, users will be able to view your furniture pieces in different color combinations and paints and finishes by just clicking a few swatch options given to them in the configurator itself.

  • Augmented Reality

Augmented reality configurators make use of a lot of elements and they are highly immersive as well. Your user will be required to use their smartphones and tablets for this purpose. They allow them to project and visualize your product in their real environment and give them other vivid visualization options as well. They can interact with the product just using their smartphone camera.

Choosing Super DNA – A Configurator That Is Ideal For An E-Commerce Platform

Super DNA 3D understands what product configurators are. They are the future of e-commerce and especially for industries such as fashion apparel, automobiles, furniture, and footwear. Product configurators by super DNA 3D labs give you the opportunity to connect with your customers on a deeper level. They allow you to meet the needs of not just your end users but your B2B customers as well. Find out how, today!