Reuse, Reimagine, Recycle 3D Models – SuperDNA 3D Lab Introduces The Reusability Tool

Posted on June 26th, 2023

Switching from traditional product photography to 3D representations of products is a great cost-cutting decision. Customers in general have become a lot more demanding. They want photo-realistic imagery along with the ability to manipulate the same according to their whims and fancies. High-quality 3D models of any products that you make can be manipulated quite easily using a 3D viewer and product configurator. Customers can personalize them according to their preferences.

But is it practical for any business to churn out new 3D models as they add more varieties of all the current offerings to their existing product portfolio?

Should you have to create new models from scratch for every different variation of a product?

No! This is a redundant process that is only going to cost you more money, time, and resources. Moreover, it is going to cause severe burnout among 3D creators, leading to deterioration in the quality of the 3D models that they have been maintaining all along.

Let’s have a quick look at a few reasons you should never undertake the creation of new 3D models from scratch when you are trying to innovate or diversify

  • Time-Consuming

The one thing that you should always value is time. You cannot be stuck in reinventing or recreating 3D models of new offerings. It is only going to delay the business marketing function. You will not be able to focus on essential and core business activities. Needless to say, achieving the predetermined monthly sales targets will become even more difficult.

  • Sucks Up All Business Resources

It is going to suck up all the resources of a business. It is not just the time but the skills and talent of the 3D artists working day and night, the man-hours they put in, the use of machinery and render engines, electricity, and much more. Re-initiating the 3D model creation process just to come up with a few new designs and variations is not a good idea.

  • Reduces Quality

Constant re-working on the same concepts and ideas is going to increase redundancy which is finally going to show in the output quality the 3D team produces. It hampers the accuracy and realism that you have been able to ensure in the previous models.

  • Increases Cost

All of that is going to increase the overall cost of the marketing function you intend to perform. The resources, the time consumed, and the working capital that you have to put into this reinitiation of 3D model creation are only going to put a strain on business finances.

  • Causes Frustration

You cannot expect a 3D artist to create and then recreate the same models with minor modifications and changes over and over again. As pointed out before, it leads to burnout and frustration among 3D artists/creators. Many would be tempted to call it quits and many would lose interest in the work.

What if there was something that allowed you to build on all existing 3D models? What if there was a tool that eliminated the need to create new models from scratch?

There Is Something Called The Reusability Tool From Super DNA 3D Lab. Let’s Find Out If It Can Be The Solution You Are Looking For.

There is a new AI-ML-powered tool (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning) that lets you save time, money, and resources and allows you to create new versions of existing 3D models in record time. SuperDNA 3D Lab’s 3D artists never have to start molding 3D meshes all over again. All they have to do is find a comparable 3D model in the huge database at their disposal and just modify and change them according to the requirements and specifications described in the product portfolio.

This is to say that they get access to a high-quality 3D model that is very much close to the product you want to create. The only thing that the 3D artist has to do is tweak that model and modify a few polygons here and there to add new features and characteristics according to new product specifications. What you get with SuperDNA 3D Lab is a high-quality, timely, realistic, and well-optimized, 3D representation of the product that you want to introduce into the market. It has the same features and top-notch detailing in addition to the highest quality textures and the same polygon count that you want to maintain.

A Few Benefits You Can Derive From The Reusability Tool By Super DNA 3D Lab

  • Incredible Quality

The Reusability Tool By Super DNA 3D Lab is an in-house innovation available to its clients only. It ensures that the quality of 3D models remains intact. The new models or modifications created from these existing 3D assets match the needs of the clients perfectly every time.

  • 100% Accuracy

As pointed out above, the final 3D model is mapped 100% to the actual product making it not only photorealistic but completely accurate as well.

  • More Cost-Effective

It is quite clear that starting a fresh 3D modeling project for a diversified or new version of the same product is not feasible or cost-effective. But Super DNA 3D Lab using the Reusability Tool can work on a comparable model to effectively convert it into the desired product in 3D form is not only more practical but cost-effective as well.

  • Improves Efficiency

Creating a new variation of a product or even a brand-new design using a 3D asset sourced from a collection of high-quality and similar 3D models saves you a considerable amount of time and makes your business more efficient. This way, there is enough time for you to focus on your core business functions instead.

  • More Consistency

The Reusability Tool is a one-of-a-kind solution by SuperDNA 3D Lab available exclusively to its clients. It makes sure that one has unhindered access to a cleverly curated directory of preexisting 3D models to build up on. This ensures uniformity and consistency in the polygon count, style, product specifications, standards, and formats of the 3D models.

Want to know how all this works? Want to know how you can decrease the overall cost too? Connect with SuperDNA 3D Lab right now!