SuperDNA’s Superior 3D Viewer -

Superior Benefits For Your Ecommerce Store

Posted on August 24th, 2023

SuperDNA 3D Lab, after years of experience in the 3D industry, has become a preeminent name in the 3D technology sphere. We have strived to build 3D solutions especially beneficial for e-commerce stores in their online product representation efforts. One such breakthrough solution is our recently launched 3D model viewer. We’ve introduced our revolutionary 3D model viewer in detail in our previous blog. You can access it here.

In this blog, let’s delve into the superior benefits offered by our 3D object viewer. If you are an e-commerce store looking to stand out in the market by offering immersive, engaging and life-like online shopping experiences, our 3D model viewer is just what your online store needs. The single most significant and overarching benefit of our 3D viewer is that it can enable your online store to not only mimic but exceed physical shopping experiences.

Let’s first explore how our 3D model viewer mimics in-person shopping experiences –

Material Controls – Our 3D object viewer offers users options to view a 3D model in different textures for a deeper understanding of its material. Your customers can toggle different texture options from ‘roughness’ and ‘opacity’ to ‘occlusion’ and ‘diffuse’ to determine the material details of a product just like they would in a brick-and-mortar store. These texture controls can help your customers perceive your product as if they are physically touching it.

-Camera Controls – A customer can inspect a product from all angles in a physical store but the same isn’t possible in online stores. Our 3D viewer is here to change that. With our 3D viewer, your customers can rotate the product 360 degrees or use the camera controls to conveniently view your product from every angle and make informed purchase decisions.

Now let’s look at some features of our 3D viewer that exceed physical shopping experiences –

-Display controls – It’s almost impossible to walk into a furniture shop and be able to explore the fundamental structure and configuration of a finished sofa. Our 3D viewer makes this possible online for your customers. They can toggle the ‘wireframe’, ‘grid’, ‘origin’ and ‘pivot’ options to see the arrangement of a sofa piece and have a deeper understanding of how a furniture piece is built and whether the build quality is up to the mark.

-Background and lighting control – While physical shops will spend big bucks to stage their products in attractive lighting and backgrounds, they can only display a product in a single background at a time in their store. However, if you are an online store and use our 3D viewer in your shop, your customers can switch between different backgrounds and lighting options like ‘studio’, ‘black’, ‘neutral’, and ‘fireplace’ among others and interact with your products as and how they wish.

-Configurator – Similar to the above point, it’s not viable for physical shops to get multiple variants of a single product produced and displayed at once. Our 3D viewer is to the rescue again as it allows your customers to switch between an array of product variants with a touch of a button.

If you are an online store and want to boost sales by offering unparalleled shopping experiences that even physical stores can’t match, get our 3D model viewer integrated into your sales channels.

Get in touch with us today for a demo of our 3D object viewer and talk to our experts about how it can particularly benefit your business.