6 Strong Reasons To Choose 3D

To Represent Your Products

Posted on September 11th, 2023

Why should you go for 3D when it comes to visualizing or representing your products? Is it only because 3D visuals are so appealing to your customers, or is it because they are more modern or innovative? Actually, it is all of that and more. There is a lot that goes into creating 3D models and renders. You can imitate even the tiniest bit of detail of your product in your 3D models, giving your consumers a wholesome and immersive experience.

But wait, it is not only about capturing the details of your product in a digital replica or representation. It is about giving your customers the knowledge, information, and clarity regarding your offerings that the written word is incapable of conveying. There are numerous reasons to go down this road. Let’s explore a few below:

  1. Affordability

3D is more affordable than traditional product photography, and you only have to invest in it once. That’s right, because traditional product photography calls for you to invest in cameras, models, backdrops, lighting, props, stabilizing equipment, transportation of your products to the photo studio, post-production editing, and a lot of other functions. This costs you almost a fortune. Compared to 3D software-generated imagery, this is hugely expensive.

  1. Wider Reach

3D is practically everywhere in smartphones games, movies, animations, and more. When you use three-dimensional renders, you overcome the barrier of language and the static character of 2D images and photographs. Yes! There is no lingo. There is no product description. There is only “product depiction” that resonates with a wider audience.

  1. More Relevant

3D renders are highly relevant to your customers because they offer a lot of entertainment value. Your customers just have to click on your videos or animations, and they are able to imbibe all the knowledge about the various features, components, and varieties of your products. 3D visuals are thus more pertinent to your users, who come online to learn in a fun way and get entertained as well.

  1. Competitive Advantage

Your competition might be dated at this point in time. And once you adopt new technology such as this, your consumers become more alert. They are suddenly fed something unique. They wake up to engaging and realistic representations of your products that they never thought they would appreciate so much. This gives you an edge over your competitors, and your customers find it more worth their time to purchase from you.

  1. More Credibility

The entire 3D marketing function adds credibility to your product and brand. It makes your offering more believable. This is because the most appropriate depiction of your products is what convinces your customers that you have their interests at heart. It tells them that you are willing to go to amazing lengths just to be able to earn their loyalty in the long run.

  1. Cost- and time-efficient

As pointed out above, creating 3D models and renders is highly cost-effective, but it is also very fast, smooth, and hassle-free. This is because it does not require you to invest in any of the cameras, lighting equipment, filters, screens, or other peripherals all over again. You just have to launch the software on your PC and make the changes you want. The result will be in front of your eyes for everyone to see.

Such is the power of 3D software and visualization. It is time to discover what more it has to offer. It is time to connect with SuperDNA 3D Lab right now.