Top 10 developments in 3d eCommerce space

Posted on March 9th, 2019

Over the past 12-18 months, eCommerce has gained lot of attention due to the 3D innovations specially for eCommerce, to enhance user experience and better buying decisions at online stores.

We have compiled the most important news and facts where major online retailers, enablers and influencers are accelerating usage of 3D in eCommerce.

  1. Wayfair, being one of the world’s largest online retailer, started with Wayfair 3D University last year, the industry’s first comprehensive curriculum of 3D-modeling standards tailored for home furnishings suppliers and manufacturers, to accelerate the furniture industry’s use of 3D imagery in visual merchandising. Clear goal is to enable their suppliers and educate them on creation of 3D assets.
  1. Ikea has always been pioneer in 3D, recently IKEA has teamed up with Milbat and Access Israel, to develop ThisAbles, a line of 3D-printed add-ons for Ikea furniture with the aim to make IKEA merchandise more user-friendly for people with physical disabilities.
  1. Overstock has recently launched the world’s largest omni-channel 3D and augmented reality (AR) experience in e-commerce, expanding its 3D models from mobile apps to mobile web, reaching 100 percent of the retailer’s mobile users.
  1. Walmart, recently launched 3D Virtual Shopping Tour where one can virtually explore the apartment, customers have to simply click on different products in each room to get more information.
  1. eBay, recently unveiled a clever solution using Augmented Reality (AR) that enables millions of sellers to quickly select the best USPS flat rate box for items they need to ship, which reduces the hassle of finding the right box for shipping an item.
  1. Target, has recently using special effects straight out of the movies to help you upgrade your living room, TargetStyle.
  1. Amazon dipped its toes into augmented reality with “AR view,” letting apple users to position virtual furniture, in their own homes with the Amazon app.
  1. Google is adding 3D augmented reality models to its search results, so that you can check out a pair of shoes in the “real world” while you’re shopping online or put an animated shark in your living room. The company showed off the technology at its I/O keynote as well.
  1. iOS 12 devices now support 3D viewership experiences directly through the Safari browser thanks to Apple’s AR Quick Look feature. Shopify has already started using this new feature to enable its users to experience AR-powered product visuals on their phone browser without having to install an app or wear an obtrusive headset.
  1. While all these developments going on 3D, there is definitely a need of 3D standards and guidelines, Khronos group has started with consortium of leading companies to create advanced 3D standards.

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