Posted on August 12th, 2018

Today, Wehkamp launches its new Augmented Reality (AR) feature for customers. Through AR, customers are enabled in trying out new furniture in their own living room.

The application accurately measures the spatial environment and allows placement of real-life sized products. Customers can now buy with more confidence as they know the size and overall fit of the product and experience it, mixed with their own interior. SuperDNA is the 3D asset creation partner for Wehkamp and has been instrumental throughout the journey.

AR has vastly enhanced the online shopping experience for mobile shoppers. The results are stunning with doubling conversion rates and reduced product returns. AR is still a new concept for companies and users alike but will continue to transform the lives of shoppers everywhere by merging the online and offline worlds.

As a globally recognized brand, SuperDNA is hired by the top players in AR as a premium supplier of 3D Services. The company is specialized in 3D Content Creation and 3D Modelling services and stands out through a methodical quality assurance process and their own technology lab to drive Innovation and Automation. SuperDNA transforms businesses to vastly reduce the cost of high-quality content creation and enable a wide range of 3D technologies to improve traction in the market. The 3D Model creation is empowered by Artificial Intelligence and machine learning which allows the creation of low-cost and high quality photorealistic 3D Models.

SuperDNA has the vision of becoming the world’s best and most affordable content creation company in 3D. With the current projections on AR/MR/VR, it looks like the global scrutiny on 3D modeling specialists will become an increasingly difficult challenge – SuperDNA aims to avoid this challenge through machine learning and automated 3D creation. If you and your company are also looking to venture into 3D, be it computer-generated imagery, AR, VR, please get in touch.

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