What to Look for while Creating 3D Models for eCommerce

Posted on February 12th, 2020

With the emerging technologies in market today, creating 3D models for your eCommerce business can get tricky. Do you know what brings real value to the models companies create and if they are serving your digital roadmap in the long run? At SuperDNA, we follow certain parameters to check the quality of 3D models.

  1. Accuracy and Realism

While switching to 3D, end model should have accurate dimensions as per the reference image and model should look realistic. Images are less likely to look real, if low quality model is created. There is a fine line between real and perfect models. For instance, while looking at couch, a real couch must have some wrinkles and cuts on the seat and back cushion, whereas perfect model will not have them which may make it appear fake. IKEA has more than 75% Computer-generated Imagery (CGI) on their website but one cannot actually identify if they are real images or CGI, due to the quality of the models.

  1. Model Usage

Once a model is created, it is important to consider how you are going to use it. For instance, once you get your 3D model designed and rendered, you may realize, in CGI you don’t need back angles, whereas for 3D viewer and animation you need renders from all possible angles. Similarly, using high poly 3D models for AR application may not be a good idea as it’s difficult to load which ultimately forces customer to abandon the platform. So, it is important to decide the purpose of 3D models before creating them.

  1. Future Proof

While you verify the usage of model in the current scenario, do not forget to assess if you are using that in future and if Yes, how you plan to do that. For instance, if you are using a 3D model in the current requirement, but in future you to switch to custom models, do know that for custom model mesh flow and unwrapping is crucial. If you have not paid attention in the mesh flow during the initial phase, you are not able to use that model later and you may need to create it once again from scratch. So it is better to define your future priorities in advance and make sure your models’ quality fulfil your future needs as well.

  1. Knowledge and Expertise

To get good quality models, you need a team of people who have in-depth knowledge about the minor details related to the usage of a model. For instance, while creating 3D models for an AR application, experts will look for shadow map; So when a model is placed on ground, shadow of the image will appear along with object and end result will be more realistic. Similarly, people must have knowledge to accurately use lighting in a CGI environment.

We at SuperDNA have a dedicated team that works on pre-defined approach of standard checklist to verify the quality of content created in 3D. Our 3D artists are committed to deliver the best possible work as per the global standards and walk that extra mile to deliver the highest quality products that add value to our customers’ business.